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More Tonner love
Sasha Blaze
Oooyeah. This is Kyoko, a repainted BasicBlack Layne by the Korean artist hyangie.

I just love photographing Tonners--they look so real, and for some reason (even though the dolls themselves are smaller) I have much better luck getting pictures in focus than I do with BJDs.

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She's a neat Tonner. Good job.

I *really* like this one--she photographs like a dream, and looks great in young, modern clothes. A lot of my factory Tonners skew toward the matronly side; the repainters manage to do a better job of making fresh, lively faces from the basic sculpts.

Though she does look a bit preggers.

*snorfle* She does that. The next outfit will have to be something super-tight, just to prove there's a figure under there . . .

Why do you think you have more luck with the tonners and focus? That's a very interesting comment. Is it that you shoot more outside with the tonners or is it a skintone issue? Curious why you think that way.

I love the clothing on the tonners. Fashion Royality has such awesome accessories, though I don't own any. I refuse to get involved in one more doll. ::throws herself on the ground and flails haplessly::

You know, I bet it is at least partly a skintone thing--because, come to think of it, I get a higher percentage of good-right-out-of-the-camera shots of my two tan BJDs than I do of the NS ones. But I also wonder if it has something to do with the way light bounces off vinyl as opposed to resin? I notice it with both cameras, whether I'm indoors or outdoors. Interesting!

Oh, gah, aren't FR accessories fabulous? I have just a few FRs, but haven't gone whole hog for them; I like Tonner's larger scale (easier to handle little shoe buckles & such).

It probably is the reflected surfaces. I know that I was having issues with the resins and have to play with the lighting depending on the doll (Unoa as apposed to Bermann).

I never knew the accessories were so cool until I looked at that new FDQ. Talk about bad influences. :(

It was really a wrench to go through the Tonner stuff and decide to sell off some of it . . . it's just SO COOL, the little shoes and handbags and everything.

Very pretty.

I think it's something about resin that can make it a little hard to focus on.

Isn't that the truth? I don't know whether it's the smoothness (though vinyl is smooth) or the reflective/translucent qualities of resin, but it's always relaxing to go back to photographing the Tonners after I get frustrated with BJD pictures.

I know Ophelia can be sketchy to get into focus. Bet it is the translucence.

*loves my vinyl and clay brats*

goddamn these are impossibly nummers piccies.

i don't think she looks preggers, the dress is too short for that, lol...

gorgeous. gorgeous doll. when you get tired of her... i'm all ears!!!!!

Dream on . . . LOLLLLLLLL!

I do need to change her clothes, but I like this outfit on her so much. *lazy*

She's really lovely -- the artist did a beautiful job on her face!

-- A :)

I'm awfully happy with her! There went a big slice of my BJD money, but it's hard to regret . . . ;-)

*sending you extra hugs for this hard, hard week*

She really does look real. What a beauty

A good Tonner repaint is about as perfect a model for photography as I can imagine--as much as I love my BJDs, the Tonners really are amazing when they're dressed and posed the right way.

She's gorgeous. I love her hair. Is that a partial re-root or did she come that way? Because the highlights and lowlights are wonderful.

The dress is cute, preggie or not. I remember wearing stuff like that. >_< The style might be awesome on a BJD. Hmm.

Yup, I'd say she's a good 2/3 rerooted--there's still some of the original rust hair on the bottom layer, with those beautiful blondes and golden browns on top.

I would love to have the kinds of clothes for my BJDs that people make for Tonners! There are so few sources for well-made, up-to-date separates, especially tops. Every month when my copy of British Vogue comes, I tear out pictures and put them in a folder, thinking someday I'll wave them at someone who sews . . . *poke poke*

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