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You met her as Swarrico . . .

School C head, Carol suwarikko body . . . LeekeWorld wig, Hitomiya eyes, first dress from Softly She Walks, second outfit by Ospirit. Miss Overbite here isn't telling her name yet, though given the overbite, maybe it should be Tierney?

(For you young'uns, that's an ancient and moldy M*A*S*H joke--is anybody else old enough to remember Hawkeye's crush on Gene Tierney?)

Anyway, some possibilities:

Gennie (for Genevieve)

Actually, now that I think about it, I kinda like "Tierney," though it isn't my usual sort of name.
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Oh she is adorable! And definitely looks like she belongs with your doll family. Congratulations on such a lovely girl!

I really wanted an SD10-sized girl to pal around with (and boss around) my SD10-sized guys . . . and after my Ninodoll Um.Pyo disappointment, when I saw this School C head on eBay, I knew she was The One. Nell the Masha, of course, is above such things as palling and bossing. ;-)

I like Tierney, too, a lot. And I don't know how you manage to find so many sweetly-smiling dolls, but she definitely suits your crew!

"Linnet" reminds me too much of "rennet," but I am preoccupied with cheese, so there's that.

Hee! Well, we can't have names reminding anyone of cheese, even a devotee . . .

She looks happier in pictures than in person--in person, she's forcing the smile just a tad (I think it's the overbite, heh).

I like Tierney!
What a great faceup.....did she come from eVilBay, she looks vaguely familiar!
I love School C as a girl, well, I love it as a boy, too!

(package received today, Mercy Buckets!)

Yeah, I think Tierney is sticking! And she was indeed an eBay waif--I was so surprised that nobody else bid on this head, because I thought it was nifty in the extreme.

Yay for packages!! Boy, outgoing mail is absolutely flying lately; I wonder what the USPS is trying to prove? ;-)

She's adorable! I love her outfit and that little bag!!!!

Ospirit is a crazy genius--I wish I could justify the cost of one of her really elaborate outfits, but I don't display my dolls in a way that would make sense of that kind of splurge. I love the two simpler ones I managed to snag on ebay, though! This one's still pretty nuts, with all the colors going on and the goofy kitty-face bag.

I love the overbite of so many of the Volks heads! She's adorable and quite saucy!

I had never seen a School C in person, so I wasn't prepared for the seriousness of the overbite in this case . . . little sister is going to need braces when she gets a bit older!

Isn't this a nice faceup? I really don't understand why no one was bidding on the head, but I'll take my windfalls where I can find them. ;-)

So the body has a head now?

Jamie has a head to talk to now? Tierney is cute. I like it. She's cute too. Love the pigtails. This is kind of funny, because I was just looking at some SD10 bods yesterday and came across a comparison picture that included a SD10 Swarrico bod and I liked it the best of the three bods that were in the comparison picture. The other head won't fit on this bod? I guess it was just meant to be on a CH bod. I guess I'll have to fix that.

Re: So the body has a head now?

Nope--this is the actual bod I tried that head on, and it didn't fit at all. :-( So it is definitely destined to be on a CH bod, and dolly destiny can't be denied!

There was something expressive about the S-hook on its own, but I guess a face *is* better . . .

Did you rob an Ospirit bank? xD
I like the name Tierney. It seems to suit her well. She seems to be in that awkward stage of growth, starting to get comfortable in her skin.

Might I ask who painted her? I love how different she looks from all the School C's. Is suwarriko her permanent body? If so, you made a good choice!

Well, I was sort of on a roll there for a couple of weeks . . . Ospirit was putting up outfits with BIN prices that almost made sense. But she's back to the $350 BINs again, so I'm out of the hunt. It was fun while it lasted.

You know, I have no idea who painted her--but I have a message in to the eBay seller, asking for the name (it wasn't in the auction text). I'd like to keep a note of it with her, so that I have that info for reference. It's really a lovely faceup, and the style *almost* looks familiar; I just can't quite place it.

Yup, the suwarikko is going to belong to her, for sure! Volks does call to Volks, in the end. ;-)

Such a pretty girl . . . . I love her look and name Tierney. She's really very nice.

Hmmmm . . . seems I owe you a PM. It's been a crazy week. Thursday! ;)

I think the consensus is definitely in favor of the name Tierney, so the audience wins this one! ;-) It does seem to suit her nicely--she's a very modern girl, unlike Nell the Masha.

I can't figure out where this week went, either! I have so much to do, and I'm stuck giving presentations at a Rotary training seminar all day on Saturday . . . ugh.

She's so cute! School C is growing on me. Congrats on the new darling! ^_^

(Kiele asked you to tell Shunshou the Mighty that she said Hi again.)

Shunshou's kitty ears (er, that's a euphemism) just went SPROING! Is all not happy & blissful with Kiele and her fella?

*sounds of rapid suitcase-packing in the background, along with mutters of how nice California was*

She's lovely. And I like Tierney too. Those eyes are astounding. Congratulations!

I'm really a convert to the small-batch Japanese glass eyes--Silver and Hitomiya and so forth. They look so alive! ED and Mystic and Gumdrops are gorgeous, but there's something about glass . . .

thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's school c and ospirit outfits with kitty purses and weeny umbrellas...
thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's school c and ospirit outfits with kitty purses and weeny umbrellas...
thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's school c and ospirit outfits with kitty purses and weeny umbrellas...
thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's school c and ospirit outfits with kitty purses and weeny umbrellas...
thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's school c and ospirit outfits with kitty purses and weeny umbrellas...
thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's school c and ospirit outfits with kitty purses and weeny umbrellas...

i think you are a big fat pewphead.

obviously doing lines for penance didn't help.

I think Tierney is cool, it's different and means something to you. Also like Linnet, for what it's worth.

*snorfle* I can get lotsa little umbrellas like that in Tokyo this fall, I know where to find them--there's a stall in Kichijoji Station with TONS of different patterns.

Maybe it only works if you do the lines in Latin?

she's lovely!! i really like this sculpt, soo tender and serene :D

I've been falling for School Cs for a while now--I love the head as both a boy and a girl, but right now I'm more in girl mode. ;-)

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