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Three years ago today, I opened my first BJD box.
Sasha Blaze
A lot of water under the bridge since then.

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Yes ... Lots of water has flowed ... he looks fabulous. I hope he has a great Birthday
Perhaps Tierney will give him a birthday kiss .....

Hee! Nessa thinks that's her job . . . this is a bit of a problem.

The mailman just handed me your package with the Um.Pyo head--thank you so much for doing the Frankendollying!!

You've come a long way, baby!!! He's gorgeous, C!!! Happy birthday to him!

CH will always be special to me--their dolls were the first ones I fell for.

But boy, did I grope around trying to sort out Pen's style at first . . . ;-)

Yeay! And so glad to see him and you around. Happy birthday and it's been so nice to have you as a friend all this time.

Back atcha, sweetie!! It seems like longer than three years, you know? So much has happened since then--dollywise and lifewise. 0.o

Happy birthday to an adorable boy! He's made me want to go and play with my CH Gene now ^_^

Genes need more playtime! I'm going to have T-shirts printed up to spread the message . . . ^_^

OH my, he's getting so grown up!
I remember most of those photos....my fave was always the dark one with one hand raised.
Happy Birthday!

Ohhhhh, the ninja Pen picture--that's one of my three all-time favorite pictures of any doll! (The others are Lyon's "Real Boy" picture in the jeans and striped hoodie, and Mally Lee in her Regency negligee). I'm lucky to have it, since I lost almost all my pictures when my hard drive crashed last year. *eep* *obsessively backing up data now*

Hey, I didn't manage to get an email sent because I threw my back out and I suck, but--Atsumori's pretty eyes are here, and I'll even manage to get them put in his head after I come back from the chiropractor.

Great B-day tribute! :) happy b-day :)

Aw, thank you!! Those early CH boys are something special. ^_^

Happy birthday to Pen!
Oh dear, is Nessa planning on giving Pen some kind of special show tonight? ;D
[PS - If it's awesome enough with poor enough lighting, it may be DoA-worthy before it's deleted. :B]

*snerk* Nessa has all sorts of plans, but she never seems to get very far with them. Note Pen's look of unspeakable horror and dread? ;-)

Also, all my CH-girl-sized lingerie is cute rather than va-va-va-voom. It's hard to put on much of a show with a daisy-print cotton training bra . . .

i love to celebrate those special "birth" days of my doll companions
congrats on all the love and wonder that day brought you

I'm ashamed to admit that I've lost track of the exact arrival dates for most of the others--but Pen was The First, and he'll always get a birthday celebration. Not that I play favorites or anything . . .

Yup, Pen is responsible for a lot of expensive but memorable fun!

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Hugs from Kiele, Natty & Nona. Eamon waves hello.

Oh, I SEE Eamon standing back there, and that isn't a wave--it's a Manly Shrug of Greeting. Gotta preserve the dignity, you know.

Shunshou is still agitating for fist hands. *sigh*

Thanks and (((hugs)))

awww~ happy birthday handsome doll~ :3

it's just about Roxy's frankie's birthday as well!

Ooooo, hey, we need to have a big LJ dolly birthday bash! Happy almost-birthday to Frankie!!

I know I should remember, but when did you get your first boy? (And was it Ghaleon or Andesha?)

(Deleted comment)
I was awfully fond of his old fading faceup--it had that elusive quality, yup. But there was basically no face left by the time I got around to sending him off for a new one, and Rachel did a beautiful job updating him.

Isn't that kimono-fabric jacket fabulous? A couple of years ago, the CH fan club in Korea commissioned a special "Jin/Jun Union Uniform" in two fabric choices--I was lucky enough to get one, along with other people on The Soul Within (the CH yahoogroup).

Pen Pen
You're our man
If you can't do it
No one can!
Yaaaaay! *flourish of pompoms*

Is that a twist of his lips suggesting possible annoyance at Nessa's attentions when he was only expecting to hand over some flowers?

Oh, my, doesn't he look disgusted and horrified in that picture? Poor Nessa. I know she's a pushy space cadet, but she's *is* really pretty . . .

he's beautiful!!! but he would be wouldn't he??? he's from Custom House ^_~

Aaaaaaaaand early Custom House, at that! They put magic in the resin, yes indeed. ^_^

cynthia, he's looking great, and happy birthday to pen! at least nessa will have his twin brother to cuddle up with, someday soon :)

Hee! Nessa will be most, MOST relieved to have someone who wants to cuddle with her--Pen just can't be pried away from Sher's Jenna, long-distance romance though it is.

*hugs* to you, and you're in my thoughts all the time--

*love for Penn* Always nice to see this gorgeous boy!

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