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Three years ago today, I opened my first BJD box.
Sasha Blaze
A lot of water under the bridge since then.

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OH my, he's getting so grown up!
I remember most of those photos....my fave was always the dark one with one hand raised.
Happy Birthday!

Ohhhhh, the ninja Pen picture--that's one of my three all-time favorite pictures of any doll! (The others are Lyon's "Real Boy" picture in the jeans and striped hoodie, and Mally Lee in her Regency negligee). I'm lucky to have it, since I lost almost all my pictures when my hard drive crashed last year. *eep* *obsessively backing up data now*

Hey, I didn't manage to get an email sent because I threw my back out and I suck, but--Atsumori's pretty eyes are here, and I'll even manage to get them put in his head after I come back from the chiropractor.

Ahhh, I hope he fixes you.
Wish I was actually going with you, my sciatica is acting up and even though I've never been to a chiropractor, it sounds like a plan today......instead of taking the kids shopping for sneakers.

And I should catch a dose of your obsessive picture-backing-up skills, as I have absolutely nothing backed up here.

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