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The Head

Here's the website of The Head's creator: Click on the second link in the left-hand menu column, then the top picture in the second menu column to see more of the lovely wary boy.

With the help of my trusty new kanji dictionary and, I've figured out that The Head's name is most likely Seiki or Saiki (a.k.a. "equal/wooden," according to idiot Babelfish). Unless it's Seimoku or Saimoku or Seiboku or Saiboku, if those are plausible Japanese names.

Can anyone help me translate the logo box on the front page of the site, though? I'm such a beginner that I'm not sure how to count the strokes in the second and third big characters of the logo, so I can find them in the dictionary index. (The first character is sui or mizu, "water/stream," I do believe.)

On Y!J, the seller's ID is aestheticism22. Friends, Romans, countrywomen, experienced BJD folks--does anyone here know about her? There's some very, very interesting work on the site--both sculpting and photography.

Sunday edit to add: I GOT A PURESKIN SD13 BOY BODY FOR HIM ON Y!J!!! Haiiiiiyaaaaah! And if I'm calculating correctly, the nice big box from Celga with Head, Body, some wigs I impulse-bought, and a lovely handpainted black kimono should land on my doorstep right around my birthday. *happyhappyhappy*
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