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Happy Birthday to sillydogs!
Every girl deserves a hunk with flowers for her halfway-to-110 day! I hope you have some time to play today, and I hope the pack (human and canine) is very, very good to you--

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omg! he's sooo attractive - beautiful boy ^_~

I think the Yukinojo face is just wonderful--I could never quite warm up to the body, but I so wish Volks would release the Yuki head as FCS, with a revamped version of the SD16 bod. A girl can dream!

can I cry 'cuz you still have him? Yuki just as he was created?

what a nice birthday present, lucky girl!

Oh, noooooo, actually he doesn't live here any more--he's now celticgeekess's Julian, but AFAIK he's still just as he was created. I kept the pictures, though, because they were so nice!

awwww, well, it's nice I still get to see Julian. Hum, now I have to go bug Michelle for some photos...

I still have photos of some of the dolls I don't have any more, I would keep those ones myself ☺

(Deleted comment)

Re: now that's a bday present!

I was on a roll that day--I remember taking those two sets of pictures, and the light was cooperating and the camera was cooperating and . . . hmmm, I really haven't hit a photoshoot like that in a long time. ;-)

He is a handsome fella. Are we longing for the cooler, crisper days of fall. Today does have a fallish feel to it. It feels good.

The head is smiling at me. She's smaller than I had envisioned, but more in line of the size I had in mind. What size eyes do you think I need to start collecting? About a 13mm? It is quiet right now, maybe she fell asleep watching Noggin. Better go check, see you soon.

Mmmmmm. Guys come and guys go ... and then there's Yukinojo. A totally excellent choice for conveying birthday wishes (I came theees close to picking the lad m'self!

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