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Catching up, and an introduction
Some BJD news, some other news . . .

Yesterday evening I went to the city planning commission's public hearing on the retirement-complex development that now, definitely, will go on just past my backyard property line. There was no real doubt about the outcome of the hearing, but I did think it was interesting that no one--that is NO ONE--from my neighborhood came to speak in favor of the development. Those of us who attended were in various degrees of opposition, but, well, "progress" can't be stopped by silly concerns like, you know, storm water draining directly into our basements and bright lights for the retirees' safety beaming directly into our bedrooms. Not to mention the destruction of healthy, full-grown native trees. If I could speak Rabbit and Squirrel and Cardinal, I would go out and tell the locals in those cedars to start packing their bags; construction is supposed to begin in October.

Happier thoughts: Susa is now off the Domuya Light Tan body with its stumpy neck, and on a Cecile the Scarface body. Perfect, perfect, perfect resin match. Neck possibly too thick, but it seems as if there will always be some kind of neck issue with this guy (considering that there's no way to put a tan Ryu head on a tan CP or Iplehouse or Custom House body, because the colors are too different).

Looking pretty good, after all that working out, is our Susa-no-o:

I tend not to say much, at least not in public venues like LJ (and certainly not DoA) about my deepest dolly yearnings. It just doesn't suit my temperament to play the "I WANT THAT DOLL MORE THAN YOU DO" game, and it seems as if discussions of dream dolls and unfulfilled desires often lead in that direction.

So, yeah, nobody except a few very close friends knows this, but in my BJD life, I have three Grails.

One of them just came home.

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I might actually have to name him "Grail." Just thought of that . . .


He looks GREAT!
Very smiley, so is Morpheus......some Omiclon look so damn grumpy, must be they aren't happy where they are!
**throws confetti**

P.S. You are now on the official lookout for pants in an odd length.

Oy. "Odd" is an understatement. And he's so thick in the body, too--just a big solid chunk of a boy. Luckily, I hadn't gotten around to selling a very weirdly-sized pair of Luts khaki cargoes; they certainly wouldn't fit any Luts doll that I know of, and they're even a tad loose & long on the HM body. I have a pair of jeans that are almost long enough, so I think if I rip out the hems, those will do reasonably well.

It's a good thing that old-school CustomHouse clothes and shoes were so oversized! They're coming in handy, too.

And how does the Omiclon face manage to change expression so drastically? Now he looks absolutely furious with me. Argh, I've failed as a Hypermaniac owner already, and I've only had him for 24 hours!

Ohhhhhh....they're both so beautiful! Congratulations!
I think Omicron is one of the most beautiful dollys ever.

I've been pining away in silence for Omicron ever since I saw my first one--I think it might have been Mia's. Ksy and Omicron became unattainable just as I started in BJDs, and I never expected to have one; I'm amazed that this one essentially plopped into my lap on a day when I was randomly skimming eBay.

But then, Flynn the Ainomori Jun is living with me, too, so I know dolly miracles do happen. :-)

Congratulations! I had no idea that boy was a Grail - no idea! You do play it close to the vest, girl! He's gorgeous and I hope you're both very happy together!

It just seemed so unlikely that an Omiclon would ever cross my path--I figured that if was meant to be, it would happen. Imagine my surprise when it actually did!

This is making me think that perhaps, just perhaps, the other two might float by one of these days . . .

I think Susa looks perfect on the Cecil body! He's so lovely...I'm enjoying drooling over everyone's Ryu's. ^_^

And what else can I say about Grail? (I join the movement that this must be his name...) He's gorgeous!

Now that I'm used to the thicker neck, I LOVE the way Susa looks--I'm glad I was able to snag the sunlight body for him, wheee!

Grail it is! He's still settling in, and he needs new stringing and a set of KIPS discs . . . plus, you know, the face . . . but it's amazing to have him here. I keep picking him up and carrying him around the house with me, heh.

Gorgeous gorgeous boy. *sigh*

Keahi: :::sneaks into aunty Cyn's journal, in his way oversized squash blossom sweater...throws a pound of confetti all over:::: New boy new boy, yay!!!

Awwwwww, thank you, Keahi, sweetie!! Er . . . roll those sleeves up until you grow a little taller, maybe? ;-)

I *am* kinda fond of them, I gotta say. ^_^

~*~* Congratulations, C ~*~*~~*

That beautiful headmold and doll belongs in the Dolly "Hall of Fame"
if there is such a thing...
Iam so happy for you *~*~ Congratulations ~*~*~*


Oh, MY, yes--those 03-04 Hypermaniacs are some of the real classics in doll sculpting. I like to think of them turning up in doll history books, the way I looked at pictures of Kestners and Brus in books when I was a little girl.


Your Ryu is so adorable, Cynthia! I'm glad that the Cecile body works and that the resin is a perfect match (not an easy feat in and of itself).

Congratulations on the Omiclon! I really like hearing stories of people who have holy grails but don't tout them or act like an entitlement whore about them. When these people receive their dolls, it's a true joy. ♥___♥

I am absolutely thrilled with the way the Migidoll tan and the Volks sunlight work together--I just wish I had had more confidence in the beginning, and not detoured into the Domuya body. Oh, well, live and learn . . .

Add Omiclon to the list of dolls that are going to be provided for in my will! ;-)

We are talking Magnificence. Susa settled into perfection. And Grail ... what's to say (I seem similarly wordless with Bitte). And the coolest thing (outside of you bringing your grail home) is how his sister is right here too.

*happy sighs*

When I was living in my apartment, They (that blob of an entity) agreed to plans to build a huge refrigerated food plant right next to the complex. They promised to put the truck bays on the far side (ha!); they promised to install a noise barrier (this took the form of a chainlink fence); they promised to turn the lights toward the building (Their idea of 'toward' had nothing to do with the dictionary definition of the word). Trucks at their loudest at 2am, lights at the most intrusive all through the night. The only recourse was to leave as soon as I could.

I hate developers with a passion.

Developers are such a *species*, aren't they? The behavior patterns, the smarminess, the condescending rudeness to people whose lives are disrupted by their projects . . . *grrrrrrrrrr*.

It is a real relief to have Susa put together, without those nagging annoyances that the Domuya body was giving me. And, well, Grail--he's insisting on a pair of 16mm Gumdrops in Stormy Blue, which I suspect is only the beginning. He's going to get whatever he wants, oh, yes.

The first guy actually looks like a normal person with his neck that way. I likes it.

Who's the special guy?

Ahhhhhh, the special guy is a Hypermaniac Omicron (or Omiclon), from 2004--a very elusive character in all kinds of ways! ;-)

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