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Catching up, and an introduction

Some BJD news, some other news . . .

Yesterday evening I went to the city planning commission's public hearing on the retirement-complex development that now, definitely, will go on just past my backyard property line. There was no real doubt about the outcome of the hearing, but I did think it was interesting that no one--that is NO ONE--from my neighborhood came to speak in favor of the development. Those of us who attended were in various degrees of opposition, but, well, "progress" can't be stopped by silly concerns like, you know, storm water draining directly into our basements and bright lights for the retirees' safety beaming directly into our bedrooms. Not to mention the destruction of healthy, full-grown native trees. If I could speak Rabbit and Squirrel and Cardinal, I would go out and tell the locals in those cedars to start packing their bags; construction is supposed to begin in October.

Happier thoughts: Susa is now off the Domuya Light Tan body with its stumpy neck, and on a Cecile the Scarface body. Perfect, perfect, perfect resin match. Neck possibly too thick, but it seems as if there will always be some kind of neck issue with this guy (considering that there's no way to put a tan Ryu head on a tan CP or Iplehouse or Custom House body, because the colors are too different).

Looking pretty good, after all that working out, is our Susa-no-o:

I tend not to say much, at least not in public venues like LJ (and certainly not DoA) about my deepest dolly yearnings. It just doesn't suit my temperament to play the "I WANT THAT DOLL MORE THAN YOU DO" game, and it seems as if discussions of dream dolls and unfulfilled desires often lead in that direction.

So, yeah, nobody except a few very close friends knows this, but in my BJD life, I have three Grails.

One of them just came home.

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