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Miss Nell returns from Baden-Baden
Sasha Blaze
As beautiful as everyone's default Mashas are, I wanted mine to be a little different. Okay, okay: a lot different. Mingyi (Deadly Nightshade) gave her a whole new outlook on life! "Tokyo" mohair and "Tori" synth-mohair wigs from JPop, unknown-color-name blue Mystic eyes, outfits by Val Zeitler and Kassai Dollwear.

Quite the English rose, is our Nell.

On the terrace at daybreak, in her breakfast gown:

Glowing in the afternoon sunshine:

Omake: Grail goes beach-boy blonde! Greeny eyes are from Silver, wig from Custom House:

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are her bottom lashes real or painted? stunning
love her dress

Painted, all painted! Mingyi has a lovely touch with the brush, and I think she connects with Volks heads on some deep level; I'm not as convinced by her non-Volks faceups, somehow, but the Volks ones are gorgeous.

I've been hoarding dresses for this girl--she has quite a wardrobe of floaty Victorianish things!

Nell is gorgeous!! I love that her new face-up recalls the Lucas/Chris resemblance -- those are amazing eyebrows!

*much squee*

-- A :D

Yes, YES, yes! I really wanted a stronger, more "Sasha"-like faceup, which in my mind meant--though I never zeroed in on this until you mentioned it--one that revealed the Lucas/Chris relationship. I think Mingyi has quite a faceup career ahead of her, yup.

Ooooh! So dark and smoky, C! A very romantic look for the mold - you sound very pleased! Congrats!

Thank you--I am indeed and indeed pleased! Just a bit of mischief at the corners of the eyebrows, and definitely some strong opinions behind the pretty face . . . that's my kind of girl.

Wow, she looks fantastic!
I'm loving the Masha repaints, if Mina wasn't so perfectly suited to her character as is, I'd be extremeley tempted to have her redone.

The beach bum looks content.

I struggled with the decision to send her off, because I *don't* like changing limiteds until/unless the faceup is so worn that it has to be redone . . . but the heavy pink blushing around the eyes and the melancholy downturn of the eyebrows really weren't working for me.

I think the beach bum is pretty much okay with being here, though he won't admit it. The pale blonde wig suits him, I think!

Wow! Nell can pull off a number of different looks ... she's clearly going to confuse the hell out of some wanna-be lover. She does sweet so provocatively in the first picture, yet in the second one, looks quite intense ... dare I say, formidable? She is incredible, and those brows totally change the feeling of the curve of her eyes. I adore how this faceup accentuates her jawline! Mmmmm.

And Grail!!!! Wonder boy. You are right ... the angle makes a huge difference in how he presents himself. What a treasure (cover his ears if you plan on reading this alout ... can't have him getting too big a head). ;)

I think the Sasha/Masha face is quite, quite intense--in her default coloring *or* repainted, there's such strength there. I do love these thinner, darker brows with the upsweep, though!

Wonder Boy doesn't seem to be given to ego trips; he's like Flynn in that regard. When you're a classic of this stature, you can afford to be gracious, huh? (That Omiclon mouth . . . it's an experience all by itself.)

Wow, she's absolutely stunning, particularly in that darker wig. And I LOVE that outfit! You've got a real treasure there.

She's certainly taken over the "princess" spot on the mantel--Claudine, as Senior Princess around here, will have something to say about this, I'm sure.

I've been lucky to snag two of Val's outfits along the way, this one with the pink overdress and another with blue. And Yasmine is doing lovely, lovely things--every time I manage to offload some clothes, more come in to fill up the storage space. ;-)

I'm going to email you while I'm thinking about it--I have a cardigan choice for you to make!

(Deleted comment)
Oooh, yes, that's exactly what I love about Mingyi's faceup for Nell--the colors are complex enough that they change with different lights and clothes. And Miss Nell isn't going to put up with anything she doesn't want to, that's for sure.

I agree about that pale wig on Grail--he definitely looks like a Harajuku kid with a good hairdresser! The oddness appeals to me, because Hypermaniacs are such odd critters to begin with. And waiting, yes, indeed . . . possibly waiting to be entertained instead of disgusted?

Woo, a very different look for Sasha. She looks so sweet but full of strength...!

I *thought* the strength was there in the head--and I do love the way Mingyi brought it out!

She is SO WONDERFUL!!! The faceup, the wigs, the outfits, the garden sun - ooh, squee five times over. And the name, Nell, is perfection.

Grail blond, aww! He's actually quite dashing in short hair, I can almost see him as a staunch but lovelorn soldier.

Ooooo, suddenly I'm hearing the stalwart soldier Valentin's aria from Faust--Valentin is poor Marguerite's brother (and there's that name again . . . it does keep popping up!).

Nell didn't give me a second to dither over her name--she named herself the first time I saw her, even before the new faceup. And I think the name works even better now!

She's totally amazing here, still a beautiful rose. Just lovely.

A bit more open, this rose--not quite so much of a bud, but still fresh and dewy. Wheeeee!!

She's super BEAUTIFUL!! I love her in the first dark wig and her faceup is lovely. Don't cha just love Val's dresses too!! ^___________^

I'm CRAZY about Val's dresses! I'm so happy that I snatched the ones I have, along the way--they look good on all my girls, no matter what size or coloring.

Yup, I think Nell has taken over that brown mohair wig for good. I certainly wouldn't try to take it away from her . . . ;-)

oh she looks just too awesome!! much squeeee....... i love her!!!

grail is fabooooolous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just thrilled with the way she turned out, and with the way her expression changes from different angles--hurray for Mingyi!!

Grail is totally fabooooolous, but he's getting VERY bored with that one pair of Luts pants. *sigh*

I love her in the first picture! How Jane Austin.
She really is beautiful, those brows are TDF, I love them!

Nell is TOTALLY a Jane girl--one of the sparkier ones with backbone, not a wet blanket like Marianne from Sense and Sensibility.

Miss Nell is beautiful! Love her in the dark brown wig. The whole look with the rose dress is so English and reminded me of the movie "Emma".

Omake is so retro hot with that blond wig! :D

Oh, yes, yes, yes--this girl was MEANT to be English, for sure! ;-)

And now you're making me want to knit one of those goofy retro bowling-shirt cardigans in Hypermaniac size . . . hmmm, I have some 1950s pattern books for inspiration, too. But I draw the line at white socks with sandals!

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