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Miss Nell returns from Baden-Baden
Sasha Blaze
As beautiful as everyone's default Mashas are, I wanted mine to be a little different. Okay, okay: a lot different. Mingyi (Deadly Nightshade) gave her a whole new outlook on life! "Tokyo" mohair and "Tori" synth-mohair wigs from JPop, unknown-color-name blue Mystic eyes, outfits by Val Zeitler and Kassai Dollwear.

Quite the English rose, is our Nell.

On the terrace at daybreak, in her breakfast gown:

Glowing in the afternoon sunshine:

Omake: Grail goes beach-boy blonde! Greeny eyes are from Silver, wig from Custom House:

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Wow, she looks fantastic!
I'm loving the Masha repaints, if Mina wasn't so perfectly suited to her character as is, I'd be extremeley tempted to have her redone.

The beach bum looks content.

I struggled with the decision to send her off, because I *don't* like changing limiteds until/unless the faceup is so worn that it has to be redone . . . but the heavy pink blushing around the eyes and the melancholy downturn of the eyebrows really weren't working for me.

I think the beach bum is pretty much okay with being here, though he won't admit it. The pale blonde wig suits him, I think!

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