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Miss Nell returns from Baden-Baden
Sasha Blaze
As beautiful as everyone's default Mashas are, I wanted mine to be a little different. Okay, okay: a lot different. Mingyi (Deadly Nightshade) gave her a whole new outlook on life! "Tokyo" mohair and "Tori" synth-mohair wigs from JPop, unknown-color-name blue Mystic eyes, outfits by Val Zeitler and Kassai Dollwear.

Quite the English rose, is our Nell.

On the terrace at daybreak, in her breakfast gown:

Glowing in the afternoon sunshine:

Omake: Grail goes beach-boy blonde! Greeny eyes are from Silver, wig from Custom House:

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Miss Nell is beautiful! Love her in the dark brown wig. The whole look with the rose dress is so English and reminded me of the movie "Emma".

Omake is so retro hot with that blond wig! :D

Oh, yes, yes, yes--this girl was MEANT to be English, for sure! ;-)

And now you're making me want to knit one of those goofy retro bowling-shirt cardigans in Hypermaniac size . . . hmmm, I have some 1950s pattern books for inspiration, too. But I draw the line at white socks with sandals!

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