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Miss Nell returns from Baden-Baden
Sasha Blaze
As beautiful as everyone's default Mashas are, I wanted mine to be a little different. Okay, okay: a lot different. Mingyi (Deadly Nightshade) gave her a whole new outlook on life! "Tokyo" mohair and "Tori" synth-mohair wigs from JPop, unknown-color-name blue Mystic eyes, outfits by Val Zeitler and Kassai Dollwear.

Quite the English rose, is our Nell.

On the terrace at daybreak, in her breakfast gown:

Glowing in the afternoon sunshine:

Omake: Grail goes beach-boy blonde! Greeny eyes are from Silver, wig from Custom House:

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Oh, yes, yes, yes--this girl was MEANT to be English, for sure! ;-)

And now you're making me want to knit one of those goofy retro bowling-shirt cardigans in Hypermaniac size . . . hmmm, I have some 1950s pattern books for inspiration, too. But I draw the line at white socks with sandals!

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