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House burbling
Sasha Blaze
At long last--I've only been calling frantically around a three-county area for six weeks--I think I have a mason coming to repair the falling blocks of stone around my front door. He's going to stop by this evening as he and his wife return from the state fair; I'll wait to exhale until he says for sure that he can and will do the job, and gives me a firm date, but I do feel less panicky than I did. There's nothing like opening your front door and having a block of stone crash and break in two right in front of your feet . . .

tubbysnuggles asked what my house looks like, so here it is. The shrubs looked better before I trimmed them, but they'll grow back soon enough. Once the repairs are done, I'm going to treat myself to a nicer porch light; I've hated this dinky plastic one ever since I bought the house, but never quite got around to replacing it. The house was built in 1958 of local stone; I have a triple-width and double-depth lot, as do all the houses on this street. The extra elbow room is a great luxury, and believe me, I do know that--so when I whine about the impending retirement-complex construction, you should probably take it with several grains of your favorite seasoning.

For my own reference, more than anyone else's entertainment, here are "before" pictures of my back yard--looking across the open space where the retirement complex will go. The foreground and middle-ground oak trees are mine; you can see the doomed cedars beyond them. My property line runs straight across, about a foot in front of the cedars.

Looking northwest:

Looking north-northeast:

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Change is so hard, C - and that sort of change is going to be difficult. I'm sorry you're losing your expanse...Your house is quite adorable, though!

Jeans landed - thank you a MIL!!! Will post up some piccies for you soon!

Ooo, good, I'm glad the jeans zipped on their way! Hope they fit *and* suit--

It was such a shock to learn that the cemetery was selling off land for development; this town is not shrinking, and there isn't much space left except this strip along the property line. I still don't buy the argument that "everyone wants to be buried in multi-level below-ground mausoleums now," which is what the developer claims . . . but the city planning commission bought it, and that's all that matters. *sigh*

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