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If you go chasing rabbits . . .

And you thought there wasn't really a rabbit . . .

Fabulous mushrooms (and butterfly) courtesy of my neighbors across the street, who water their grass a lot. Nell's outfit, from m12.s on DoA; Tierney's, from Y!J via Beckers on DoA.

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oh, these are such lovely pictures (I'm in gorgeous girl dolls pix heaven, on the flist today - bit of a wonky sentence that!!! XD ). The black frock is beautiful, the detailing is wonderful and I love the bunny ears with tartan. That last picture is dreamy. ^_^

I wish I had blown the hair out of her eyes in that last picture, but I like it anyway . . . the bunny is pretending to hide, I suppose!

*waving to Hook*

Wow... Just absolutely gorgeous. *le sigh*

Oh dear, I just love these.....I'm a total Alice fangirl, and that is a perfect rabbit!

I love Alice, too! I'm still tempted by Pipos Curo . . . those poseable ears get me where I live. But as long as Tierney is willing to wear bunny-eared hoodies, I'll get by. I could always wire the ears, come to think of it. ;-)

Wow, gorgeous girls and luscious photographs. Simply beautiful. And I love your Masha in that wig. She's stunning.

Awwwww, thank you!! And Omiclon measurements are coming--Grail is staring at me with some disapproval even as we speak . . .

i'm soooo stealing tierney away from you. omg.

they both look GORGEOUS. i love nell's dress, and tierney's HOODIE!! omg!!!

**FAINT**... awesome, awesome piccies, dr matilda.

I about dislocated my wrist pouncing on that bunny-hoodie outfit when Beckers posted it FS--I can't believe nobody beat me to it! Did you see the pompoms on the stockings? SQUEEEEEE!!!! And Tierney can pull off teeth-achingly cute outfits like this; even Claudine gets that "you ARE kidding, right?" look when I try them on her.

m12.s has some gawwwwwwjus outfits for sale! I've never looked at big Loli dresses, but Nell seems to want them . . .

(Deleted comment)
I couldn't believe that butterfly just sat there for me! I adjusted Nell, I padded around to get different camera angles, and the butterfly didn't budge. It's too bad that it didn't see fit to open its wings a little more, but I shouldn't ask for *too* much cooperation, I guess. ;-)

I have a red & white striped bunny hoodie, too . . . I didn't realize I was collecting them, but I do find them fairly irresistible. Wouldn't go near Sejong with one, mind you.

(Deleted comment)
Sejong suggests that the advantages of bunny hoodies are (a) disguise, (b) comfort, and (c) multiple areas for the concealment of weapons. The ears are particularly handy.


I really like these - a nice interp. That mushroom is something else! Your rabbit is - squee! - perfect!

I've been watching my neighbors' mushrooms for a couple of years now--they have three huge fairy rings in their front yard that come up in early fall and last for several weeks. Luckily, these are the nice neighbors, who don't mind my trespassing with dolls and camera.

Nothing like a pouty bunny to dress up a yard! ;-)

So lovely! I really like the first and the last picture ^-^

I was thrilled that those turned out so well--I almost took my little camera instead of the big one, but I would never have gotten that butterfly with the point & shoot!

What fabulous pictures ... Those mushroon are wonderful and I want that Rabbit!!! She can hop over to me anyday!

I've been itching to take pictures of those mushrooms ever they popped up last year! I'm glad those neighbors think it's fun to have me tromping around their front yard with dolls.

Tierney: Will you buy me new clothes from Y!J? I like new clothes from Y!J. And wigs. And I really REAAAAALLY want a Mary Holstad puppy, I'd take REEEEAAAAALLLY good care of it, I promise! The last one only cost $1000 on eBay.

Ohhhhh, FABULOUS!!!

-- A :D

I had SOOOOO much fun!! There's a lot to be said for being the Weird Neighborhood Doll Lady. ;-)

Okay, not to detract for Nell's sublime beauty and Tierney's impossible adorableness (tell me, how much does he really like being the bunny?), but that first picture with the wee butterfly is to die for.

Happy-making photos that inspire deep loves!!

Hooray for backyard wildlife that wants to have its picture taken!

Tierney doesn't like much of anything, but then that is true of most of my crew. (Sweet Jamie the Mogwa excepted, of course. And Lyon seems fairly amused by most goings-on.) ;-)

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