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Nell gets a new blouse. Bonus: a bit of fashion-doll hunkiness.
Sasha Blaze
Blouse by 1olly, isn't it beautiful? And in the interests of recording my experiments--here, Nell is wearing Hands Style 400 eyes in Dove Grey, and a Monique Gold "Leeda" wig in Blood & Chocolate.


Aaron used to be a Russell Williams by Tonner. Lyn originally painted him for another member of the Prego board, who sold him to me when I got a jones for a Russell repaint this summer. I sent him back to Lyn for a beard, and you see the droolworthy results!
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I just love Nell . . . and Aaron is super-yummy!

-- A <3

I HAVE to put Aaron in a tuxedo sometime--how nummy is that going to be?? ^_^

ohmygod does lyn do the best mandolls or WHAT?? HE IS TOOO AWESOME!!!!

and omg lookit nell. she looks TOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the curly wigs in rich red-browns are going to be Nell's big thing. I've tried lots of other wigs, but I keep coming back to the long and short versions of this one. And the gray eyes are even better than the blue ones I've been using!

Aaron is The Living End, he really is! *admiring him all over again*

Holy cow! Look at that man-doll with the dreads ... gorgeous Rasta-man dreads. And what a sensitive fellow, floral shirt and all. Not what I expected to see under the cut, but such a delightful surprise!

As for Nell ... well, yum. The blouse is drool-worthy (oh, Looooolly) and that wig is perfect on her. Quite the Victorian look out of a Merchant-Ivory production. She's even got the flushed cheeks to go with it. One can only imagine what has her put that colour in her. ;)

Hee! Aaron is most definitely a Rasta-man, of the went-to-Yale-Law-School-but-gave-up-his-partnership-to-go-back-home-and-run-a-conch-shack kind. Not that I, you know, make up stories about my fashion dolls or anything. ;-)

Definitely sticking with this wig for Nell! I tried her in sweet curly pigtails, but she insisted on going back to the Fanny Cornforth hair. I don't argue with her.

omygoodness, she reminds me of Anais in the second photo!

quite lovely and so is he!

Oh, you're so right--she does look like Anais in that picture! The Masha head really has more complexity in it than I thought at first. I'm loving the way Nell unfolds as I try different things with her.

I still wish I would have kept ONE of the Russell's I did for myself. Guess that means you're obligated to keep sending me pictures of Aaron!

That's kinda funny...he's been named Aaron for almost two years and Iplehouse's gorgeous dark boy is an Aaron too. Just noticed that.

Nell's blouse is gorgeous! I got some of those eyes for Toby, they are divine, aren't they?

Taking pictures of Aaron is SUCH a hardship . . . I don't know whether I can make myself do it . . .


You know, I hadn't thought about the Iplehouse Aaron, either! That *is* funny. And yup, I'm a huge fan of these Dove Grey eyes--they're a lot prettier in person than they looked in Gina's pictures.

(Deleted comment)
Ahhhhhh, I think that is entirely possible! Sweet Victorian maiden + exotic handsome stranger . . . granted, there's some height differential, but . . .


The dreads are really very cool--they're made of a springy acrylic yarn, and they photograph unbelievably well. And he does look like the Iple Aaron, doesn't he? Oh, Lyn, Iplehouse is watching yoooooooooooooouuuuuu! ;-)

WoW I love the shirt!! It's beauuuutiful!

Lolly makes lovely, lovely things! And this blouse is so right for Nell--I love it, too.

She looks lovely, I think its perfect for her.
Aaron is really awesome, I love the beard and his dreads

*squee* thank you for making the blouse!!

The beard absolutely *makes* Aaron--I'm thrilled that Lyn had time to spiff him up for me.

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