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I must say I liked the way this picture turned out . . .
Sasha Blaze
Kyoko (Tonner BasicBlack Layne repaint by hyangie) and Aaron (Tonner Russell Williams repaint by thelyn. Purty couple, in spite of the wind that kicked up just as I aimed the camera.


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I think I need to get my Madra and my Gene repainted. I might play with them more if I did.

I just did a major weedout of the fashion dolls, and that gave me a kick in the pants to start playing with them again. Get out that Madra and Gene, and let's see 'em! (Also, do you need any clothes, or do you have a bunch for them? I have a bin of Gene clothes that really need new homes, since I'm down to just one Gene and she spends all her time in the 1950s stuff.)

It's been, jeez, two years since I did much with the 16-inchers, but I'm having a lot of fun with them now. Somehow the fashion-doll people's drama is a little easier for me to swallow or else ignore than the BJD people's drama, too. *koffkoff*

Oh, man, my Gene has one dress that I snagged off of eBay.. the Destiny gown. Madra is wearing the Little Black Dress set, 'cause that's all I have for them. It's one reason I haven't done much with them... they don't have much to show off!

Email me over the weekend, if you want to--already I see at least six Gene/Madra outfits that I really won't ever use, and I'm just starting the weedout! I won't get pictures taken today, but that's on the agenda for tomorrow morning. BTW, I'm thinking $10-$15 an outfit; I just want to get them out of the house and not have to list them on eBay. ;-)

sedens81 AT hotmail

Russell is such a spiffy man-doll. I've always liked him. ^_^ Pretty pic!

I want joo to get back into Tonners . . . because Russell is NOT all that spiffy until you get done with him. *nudge nudge*

They're both great, but Aaron = grawawwrrrr.

Isn't he fabulous? I just wish there were more cool, non-frumpy (what's the guy equivalent of frumpy?) and non-pimptastic clothes out there for Tonner mandolls. *sigh* I do have some pimptastic stuff, though . . .

Oh my! They're amazing!
I LOVE his hair! :D

I love his hair too!! So VERY cool--he really has personality.

This dude is growing on me more and more. I'd sidle up to him like that. However, you are NOT ... no matter what ... going to pull me into this alternate passion. It just ain't going to happen. I will resist with all my might!

Hee! In chronological order of passions, actually my Tonners came before my BJDs . . . so without that first Matt O'Neill, Iit's possible to argue, I would still be contentedly resinless. As slippery slopes go, I think the 16-inch fashion dolls are very slippery indeed.

But the teeny-weeny shoes are to die for.

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