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Mally Lee tries on a new wig. Pictures ensue.

She reminds me of an especially chic and striking college student, waiting for something (or someone) on campus . . .

I was about to put this wig on the sale pile, but then I tried it on her. It's not going anywhere. ;-)

The eyes are 14mm Tensiya SR in gray; the veining doesn't show up at all in use, and I really like the marbled effect of the iris. It's not exactly realistic, but it's definitely interesting.

Oh, and should anyone out there have a Dollmore Model or other oversized girl to dress, this sweater is from KK Workshop. I bought it from someone on DoA who was frustrated when it turned out to be too big for an SD13 girl; I always think KK Workshop's woven-fabric clothes run small, but this is definitely on the big side. I'll have to keep a closer watch on KK Workshop's sweater auctions.
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