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Mally Lee tries on a new wig. Pictures ensue.
Deadly Mally
She reminds me of an especially chic and striking college student, waiting for something (or someone) on campus . . .

I was about to put this wig on the sale pile, but then I tried it on her. It's not going anywhere. ;-)

The eyes are 14mm Tensiya SR in gray; the veining doesn't show up at all in use, and I really like the marbled effect of the iris. It's not exactly realistic, but it's definitely interesting.

Oh, and should anyone out there have a Dollmore Model or other oversized girl to dress, this sweater is from KK Workshop. I bought it from someone on DoA who was frustrated when it turned out to be too big for an SD13 girl; I always think KK Workshop's woven-fabric clothes run small, but this is definitely on the big side. I'll have to keep a closer watch on KK Workshop's sweater auctions.

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She's really lovely. I keep looking for a realistic girl. Hmmmm

Oh Miss Mally Lee, fairest of the fair, no matter the colour of your hair. And bless your human companion for thinking this might look good on you, because, darling, you look mahvelous! I am your adoring fan!

(you are not helping me, you know ... you are making this terribly difficult ... I was content to wait, but noooooo, you weren't content to let sleeping dogs lie ... fume)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! She is absolutely my most favourite resin girl out there - she's wonderful! Yep, co-ed, for sure...now WHO is she waiting for...

Mally Lee or MARY JANE PARKER? XD With the red hair she really looks like spidey's girl!

Mally's gorgeous and fair! I love how real she is...
I can't wait for my MD to arrive...*^_^*

That red hair is stunning on her. She does look like the epitome of a Fall Campus girl.

Mally Lee is gorgeous anyway but that red hair is just WOW! I love, love, love her outfit too.

oh god she is truly spectacular. omg. she is sooooo gorgeous

For a moment there I thought it was a photoshopped image of fatwetdog.

She looks really nice with that red hair and the sweater suits her nicely.

As for KK workshop. Yeah they do run small. And it's not like resin can inhale.

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