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I am utterly, speechlessly furious about this.
See this eBay auction? See it?


That one-off was in the Harajuku Volks store when I was in Tokyo this summer. This is the one-off I mentioned to some of you, the very one, THIS ONE. I went back to visit her twice, because I wanted her SO MUCH, and I had the money IN MY HAND, and I even talked to the Harajuku shop staff about her. But of course I couldn't just buy her; I would have had to fill out the slip for the drawing, and hope that my name was drawn, and then hope that I could convince Volks to ship her to me in the US.

And now some goddamned scalper has her on eBay at 50% over the actual purchase price.

I'm mad enough that this has even pre-empted my big news of the day, which is completely non-doll-related. More on that tomorrow, when possibly I won't be quite as incensed.

Or possibly I will be, and I'll rant some more.

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Oh, no. I am so sorry. I hate, hate, HATE things like this, and it's a lot worse when it's you, and that story.

Even as I rant, I'm fully aware that there are far, FAR, farfarfar more important things to be mad about . . . but boy, did this ever hit me wrong. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I *thought* I recognized the Michael one-off in another auction by the same seller--another Harajuku acquaintance--and then I saw this girl.

I know, but that's exactly what makes things like this sincerely suck - yes, there are a thousand more important things in the world, but when something that should be simple and beautiful and good gets shit on like this, it just SUCKS.

And, at the risk of getting stabbed in the throat by 1000 Volks people and blacklisted from ever ordering from Volksusa again... sometimes, in my bitter moments, I wonder if there's not a racket going on internally.

That is all I will say.

It does seem a little . . . er . . . odd that two one-offs from the same event at the same store would turn up on eBay. At the same time. From the same seller.

This is definitely making me want to take good notes about the one-offs at each store when I'm in Tokyo again, then watch both Y!J and eBay. In June, I didn't pay a lot of attention to any of them except Teddy Bear Girl; the Michael's costume was weird enough that it stuck in my mind, but other than that I fixated on TBG and passed the rest by.

That really really blows.
I hate that feeling of utter futility....and the fact that a doll you probably hadn't thought about in awhile can still bring back sadness.

I was so sure that someone who really wanted her must have won the drawing. It never occurred to me that the same person might win not just one, but TWO of the one-offs in order to flip them within weeks. Dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT. Why didn't I fill out the drawing slip? Lightning *might* have struck.

This is really upsetting and had that happened to me too.
But wow, 2 one-offs in a week. And sell them on ebay, hence targeting non-Japanese fans!?

I am so sorry. >_

AARRRGGGHHH. And yet I have no right to complain, since I didn't even fill out the slip for the drawing . . . I would be even madder if I had, though, so maybe this way is better for the blood pressure all around?


yep sucks majorly.


So, in happier news, I hear that Dance and your Kit took a shine to each other yesterday, yeah?

^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Uhm the totally seemed to. And I better the heck upload those pictures. Or we'll have mutiny.

That's ... just so sad. :( (She's beautiful.)

And those pictures don't do the faceup justice--she really is one of the most beautiful Volks dolls I've ever seen. The dress and bear aren't my taste at all, but it took me quite a while even to notice what she was wearing, when I saw her this summer. That faceup pulled me in from all the way across the store.


I wonder if you could write to the seller and explain this and maybe ask for a reasonable "shopping fee" markup...? (That is, if you do still want her.)

She seems to be trying to establish herself as a buyer - who knows..?

I think you've really hit on something - that sellers aren't aware that they're taking dolls out of someone's hands.

She's lovely, I can see why you wanted her so much.

And this does suck the galactic muffin. >:{

I know how you feel - I'm so sorry :(
I had this with Kurumi - in the end I gave up on her completely....I just wish and pray that the person won't be able to sell her at all!!!

I would love to see that auction just sit there--though I suppose if nobody bids on eBay, the seller will just take her back to Y!J.


Someday the bottom will fall out of the market, and you WILL get your Kurumi! *thinking determined thoughts*

Dolly Karma will get them!
I am so sorry ... it must be just infuriating!

Gah, I'm sorry to hear about that. :(

I'm hoping that this person ends up with two dolls that he/she can't afford and realizes what a doof he is for trying to scalp them at 2x their originally prices.

Oh poo. And here I am getting all my ranting in reverse. I should have consoled you for this, which makes me furious ... maybe even more furious than the other rantable because there's virtually nothing you can do in this case that will have a positive effect. You can't even reduce the likelihood it will happen to someone else. There's a lot of things I don't understand in the world ... this is one of them.

I'm sorry. Wanna talk deconstruction again ... just to take your mind off it all? ;)

Well that ebay seller is going on my blacklist.

Thanks for the heads up. I hope they get stuck with all the dolls they try to flip.

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