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I am utterly, speechlessly furious about this.

See this eBay auction? See it?

That one-off was in the Harajuku Volks store when I was in Tokyo this summer. This is the one-off I mentioned to some of you, the very one, THIS ONE. I went back to visit her twice, because I wanted her SO MUCH, and I had the money IN MY HAND, and I even talked to the Harajuku shop staff about her. But of course I couldn't just buy her; I would have had to fill out the slip for the drawing, and hope that my name was drawn, and then hope that I could convince Volks to ship her to me in the US.

And now some goddamned scalper has her on eBay at 50% over the actual purchase price.

I'm mad enough that this has even pre-empted my big news of the day, which is completely non-doll-related. More on that tomorrow, when possibly I won't be quite as incensed.

Or possibly I will be, and I'll rant some more.
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