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Drive-by posting
Deadly Mally
Pictures of Randomness! Herein will be . . .

*Tonner prettiness
*Sasha cuteness
*BJD spendiness

Sneak peek: Lyon in a new Iplehouse shirt.

Oh, and I don't have any Big News after all. Other than the weekend, which was lovely, last week belongs on the cosmic burn pile.

At long last, I managed to snag a Tonner Mei Li (discontinued sculpt) for a reasonable price! I love her, fishface and all:

Nell gets YET ANOTHER new dress, this one from Ajumapama:

Blaze (a custom Sasha by Kelly Wenarsky) and Peter (a Gregor waif rescued from eBay) in new fall clothes. Isn't the sweater a hoot? It's knitted from one of Susanna Lewis's faboo patterns, and I had far too much fun with it.

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That iplehouse shirt is pure love!

GET ONE GET ONE GET ONE! The print comes in a blue version as well as the brown--I've been dithering about buying one for ages, and I'm so glad I did! ;-)

New clothes are all wonderful, the little dress from aj____ma is great.

Love the Sasha kids. Blaze is gorgeous.

Blaze is surprisingly tough to photograph--I got a full-face shot of her that made her look like a demented toad, and gave me several moments' pause about the whole concept of custom Sashas. But in person she's adorable! I don't know why the camera doesn't take to her . . .

Sashas!! OMG, I grew up with them! My favorite is my Mom's redhead. I don't remember her name, but she had a white dress and I adored her so much when I was little.

Hee! The official Sasha descriptions are so matter-of-fact: your Mom's would be "Sasha White Dress." No kidding. None of your fancy name stuff for these dolls. ^_^

I reeeeeeeeeeally want to get one of the very limited-production 1960s Sashas sometime--they're amazing dolls. But they cost BJD money, sometimes even secondary-market Bermann money for the most beautiful & rare ones, and until my resin lust tapers off, that's where the spare cash is going. *sigh* Too many dolls, too many dolls.

I thought I remembered them being a bit dry in naming conventions. But yeah, I know how it is about too many dolls. I used to do porcelain, and had a few entries in the competitions held in Charleston before I got married. My closets are full of old dolls that I've loved.

Funny, though. I still do love them.

I went way overboard in getting rid of childhood dolls (NOT Sashas!) after my dad died and Mom moved off the farm--I still regret sending some of them to the thrift store in my home town. Not that I have room for them. *sigh*

Hey, I've been having trouble sending emails: did you get mine about those two Gene outfits, before AWA? If not, PM me, 'k?

Ah! That might explain the crickets. I hadn't gotten a note, no. :(

Ya-hah! I'll try a PM, probably through DoA (since I need to answer another PM there, too)--

I'll look for it!

I'm currently threading through the art/website commission posts, looking for an artist. I need a drawing of my Harang.

Sasha and Gregor! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D

Are you going to give the Tonner girl a jointed body?

Aren't Sashas wonderful?? I have a ton of clothes for mine, and I need to play with them a lot more. *feeling determined*

You know, I really don't object to the old straight-arm Tonner body that much! I don't think I'd like having *every* doll on an SA body, but it does look nice in photographs of sleeveless tops. So Mei Li is probably keeping hers for at least the time being.

I like Sashas almost as much as I like Natterers. But then that might only be because I wound up getting a Nat instead of a Sasha. Both of them have that wonderful simple but so full of character and quality look to them. Even though I'm not a big doll dresser my Nat, Jabez, has all sorts of stuff to change into, including a fuzzy white coat for the days I'm brave enough to haul her outside.

:D SA bodies have their plus points. I've found them a lot easier to dress while half asleep.


Nice to see your beautiful dollies! Nell is so lovely!

Nell only gets prettier the longer she's here! ;-) She was beautiful with the default faceup, but this one suits my taste sooooo much better--I still feel a little lingering guilt over taking off the limited faceup, but on the other hand she isn't going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Hi Lady!!! *waves madly* I miss you!

Love seeing Lyon!

EEEEEEEEE it has been INSANE around here--more in terms of the internal weather than anything else, though there's been some weird stuff going down, too. *sigh* Whatcha up to???? Did you repaint Fio?? SEND PICTURES!!

That is a smashing photo of Lyon!

I just adore Nell. That faceup really blows me away.

Every now and then Lyon's true calculating Houndish nature shows up in pictures--he's fully aware that he's gorgeous, and isn't above manipulating the vulnerable humans around him. Notice that Atsumori didn't get to try on the new shirt first . . .

Now that I'm figuring out what Nell needs in wigs and clothes (=darkish Big Hair and frilly stuff), she's only getting prettier! And are your Zouks lovely for her, or what?

I guess it's Fall already! Lion is fabulous as always and that shirt! I want one for myself.

I LOVE that Iplehouse shirt, and now I think I need it in the blue version, too!

Fall is definitely here, at least in Kansas! The grass is still green, but the leaves are starting to change color, just a little bit. I do love this time of year--

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Yes, I think Nell is planning either world domination or world destruction, and I'm afraid to ask which . . . instead, I just keep buying more fancy clothes to keep her amused.

What will be, will be...........

in due time.

I love Lyon's shirt and Peter's sweater. Great colors on both!!

FYI I am working up a muslin out of muslin for our project. It is clicking very nicely. Found something in my stash that will match that pink washed dupioni quite nicely. I think I will use it as a guinea pig to work out the kinks on the eyelets (I ordered some from Fletcher's site).

Back to work, finish up the machine part of the muslin, then to the ironing board, and then back to the pirate stuff and Ellowynne's stuff before I can go back to playing with our project.

Re: What will be, will be...........

Wheeeeeeeeeee for the muslin muslin!

Don't let me forget--sometime I want to show you my stash of Susanna Lewis sweater patterns for Sasha. I have a bunch of them, and with some extra length on the sleeves and body, they work perfectly for BJDs.

oh yay! these pics are awesome!!! love the ajumapama dress on nell!! wheeee!

lyon looks gorgy as always. it's nice to see him!!!

Lyon was WAY overdue for pictures--I *so* need to slow down and play with what I have, jeepers!

Right now Lyon and Mally Lee are sitting on the little stools in my living room . . . poor Atsumori is languishing in his carry bag . . . I'd better do something about this. ;-)

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