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Drive-by posting

Pictures of Randomness! Herein will be . . .

*Tonner prettiness
*Sasha cuteness
*BJD spendiness

Sneak peek: Lyon in a new Iplehouse shirt.

Oh, and I don't have any Big News after all. Other than the weekend, which was lovely, last week belongs on the cosmic burn pile.

At long last, I managed to snag a Tonner Mei Li (discontinued sculpt) for a reasonable price! I love her, fishface and all:

Nell gets YET ANOTHER new dress, this one from Ajumapama:

Blaze (a custom Sasha by Kelly Wenarsky) and Peter (a Gregor waif rescued from eBay) in new fall clothes. Isn't the sweater a hoot? It's knitted from one of Susanna Lewis's faboo patterns, and I had far too much fun with it.

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