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Sejong receives a gift.

SEJONG: I am not accustomed to receiving parcels through the post. At first I suspected some form of unmanly attack, perhaps using gunpowder. However, American Cynthia assured me that the parcel contained a gift from the humans who now host my kinsman Dance.

SEJONG: She appears to have been correct. My name is not written in Korean, of course, but I have learned that there are limits to what I can expect from humans.

SEJONG: I beg your pardon. I am told that I sound less than sincerely appreciative. It occurs to me that this is the result of my translator's imperfect knowledge of court language; nevertheless, it would grieve me if I were to give offense, even by proxy. The quilt is both attractive and warm, and I am most gratified that Dance's humans would wish to bestow their skill on my humble person.

SEJONG: No, thank you. I would prefer not to remove the quilt so that you may photograph it. It might be taken by those twins from Nihon, whom I do not trust. Particularly the female twin.

SEJONG: . . . oh, very well.

Many squees and thanks to nagasvoice and especially her mother, for sending Sejong such a beautiful present!
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