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Sejong receives a gift.

SEJONG: I am not accustomed to receiving parcels through the post. At first I suspected some form of unmanly attack, perhaps using gunpowder. However, American Cynthia assured me that the parcel contained a gift from the humans who now host my kinsman Dance.

SEJONG: She appears to have been correct. My name is not written in Korean, of course, but I have learned that there are limits to what I can expect from humans.

SEJONG: I beg your pardon. I am told that I sound less than sincerely appreciative. It occurs to me that this is the result of my translator's imperfect knowledge of court language; nevertheless, it would grieve me if I were to give offense, even by proxy. The quilt is both attractive and warm, and I am most gratified that Dance's humans would wish to bestow their skill on my humble person.

SEJONG: No, thank you. I would prefer not to remove the quilt so that you may photograph it. It might be taken by those twins from Nihon, whom I do not trust. Particularly the female twin.

SEJONG: . . . oh, very well.

Many squees and thanks to nagasvoice and especially her mother, for sending Sejong such a beautiful present!

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THAT is gorgeous! *SWOON*

And Sejong is just...so....endearing. But, DO NOT tell him I said so...

For someone who claims she doesn't do "character" dolls, Sejong and Claudine certainly have, er, substantial personalities. I didn't do it on purpose, honest! ;-)

Isn't the quilt beautiful?! I'm so excited!!

that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!.
i can see how he wouldn't want to let go of it
i love the color choice with him
good job "H"=nagasvoice

(Deleted comment)
Sejong is all wrapped up in his quilt, and I don't think he's letting go of it anytime soon--he's muttering something about quilts being better than sweaters, anyway. *hugs* and huge thanks to grammom as well as to you!

I wonder whether Korean country families have a gizmo like the Japanese floor stove with the quilt over it (the name of which I should look up, but I'm too lazy)? That might be a crafty project to consider . . .

(Deleted comment)
Oh, see, I'm thinking about the lazy woman's way out . . . a small box under the quilt to make the right sort of lump, and some carefully-chosen dialogue to indicate what the lump is supposed to be. Wouldn't a real doll-sized stove be cool, though? Hmmmmm, I need to keep my eyes open in Tokyo this next visit, and see whether I can spot any toy shops or antique shops to browse in!

I'm a polar bear in disguise, too--cold is ALWAYS better than hot! I can see that resin might be inclined to chills, though.

Keahi is now screaming at me for not showing off his quilt as well.

I've tried to explain about the cold, but Keahi tells me that he's sure he would catch it. *sigh*

(Deleted comment)
Oh, dear . . . Keahi, honey, sometimes resin people just have to be patient with their humans, you know? We'll all be glad to see your quilt whenever your mom has time to take your picture with it--honest!


Never trust Oneesan, she's always up to something. ^_~

Generally making me SPEND MONEY ON EXPENSIVE CLOTHES. *grrrrrr*

Hey, are any of my emails getting through? I've been having sending problems--messages disappear into the void without any error notice, GAH.

I dunno...haven't gotten anything real recent from you. Last one was about your class and which Champloo eps you were thinking of using. (I had nothing intelligent to add). :P

I miss you though!

Oh, it was just more babbling about the class . . . I'm working myself into a worse state of confusion about it every day, urgh! Read some cool books lately, though--I'll reconstruct over the weekend. ^_^

Ohhhh, gorgeous!!

And I <3 Sejong ;)

-- A :D

Sejong cracks me up, I have to admit. I'm not sure why he developed such a powerful personality, when most of the others didn't, but it is fun to write for him . . . ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Sejong is most pleased to have this reassurance, and will be sure to tell the twins that they will earn an eternity in the Hell of Cold if they lay an unworthy imperialistic Japanese hand on his quilt.

Sometimes I feel as if the next Asian land war is about to break out in my living room . . .


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