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Here's one reason why I've been MIA . . .

Quick update: I'm getting ready to leave for Japan on the 31st (with dear fairemma; I spent last weekend having a fabulous spur-of-the-moment playdate with the_impassive, fairemma, and Mell the newly-minted Marine, but I haven't even had time to look at the pictures I took with them because of this unexpected addition to the household . . .

Introducing Toshi. Yes, named for Toshiro Mifune. ^_^

Some of you have heard about the Great Dog Fiasco from a few weeks ago. I tried to adopt this dog from the local shelter; he had been picked up by Animal Control running the streets (ronin dog!) at the end of August, and he was advertised as "adult dog, time critical, needs to be in home without children." I went to the shelter, liked him a lot, and got the necessary approval for the adoption from the shelter manager; I thought all systems were go, but when I arrived to pick him up the next day, after the required 24-hour waiting period, I found that he was being given to a teenaged couple with a young baby, right in front of me. As you can imagine, some unpleasantness ensued, but off the dog went with the kids and their baby, and the shelter worker on duty that day sanctimoniously told me how excited he got to see the baby, and how I should go in the back and pick another dog. That shelter worker even called me the next day to say that they had just taken in a Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog cross, and because that was a small dog, I needed to adopt her.

My letter to the police officer in ultimate charge of the shelter received no response. I offered to help them set up a filing/flagging system to prevent multiple commitments on the same animal, and everything. Dead silence.

Until last Wednesday, when out of the blue I got a call from the shelter manager, apologizing (not very convincingly), saying that she had been intending to call me for a long time (not very convincingly), saying that it was clear from the beginning that I was obviously the best placement for this dog (not very . . . oh, never mind), and saying that the kids with the baby had found the dog too hard to deal with, but the return date on him had already passed, so would I call them and arrange to pick him up from them?

Well, the method wasn't acceptable, but the result? How could I say no? I convinced the shelter manager to use the waiting room there as a drop-off/pick-up point, and so this Tuesday afternoon, Toshi came home. The timing is awful, he is even less aware of even basic good manners than I expected, and on top of everything he's still a teenager--and a teenaged male Dachshund (or mostly Dachshund), at that. I'm so tired I can't see straight, because I have to be on the alert every minute, trying to learn his signals for needing to go outside, being bored enough to chew on the dining-room rug, etc., etc., etc. After a good 18-hour run of starting to learn housetraining, yesterday afternoon and early evening were so full of ferocious territorial barking and floor clean-up that I had some doubts.

But I think we'll make it.

aoi_no_neko, I haven't forgotten about those turquoise and indigo cardigans, and cclemon, I haven't forgotten about the ribbed Boku sweater! I only have half a sleeve left to knit on one cardi and the ribbed jobbie--but Toshi is a fiber hound, and he's still unsettled enough that I've had to put all knitting on hold for a while (and keep all yarn shut away in the spare bedroom, especially after having to pry a ball of laceweight alpaca from between doggy teeth). Hang in there with me, please? I'm sorry for taking so long, but I'll have lots of knitting time on the flights to and from Tokyo!

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