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Etienne in at least some of his glory
Sasha Blaze
For pacific_rin, since she asked so nicely.


Modeling assignment!

Regency dandy's outfit by just*shining:

Sleepy bedhead boy:

Stupid newbie LJ question: how do you get other LJ users' names to show up as LJ users' names, with the bold and the little icon and the whatnot?

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lovely photos of a lovely boy

if you use the rich text mode, just use the first button on the left, a pop-up will allow you to type in the LJ user's name

or if you want to type out the html

(hope this shows up as html)

sorry it didn't show up as html, but if you are in rich text mode and click on source, it will give you the code.

Aha! I knew there had to be a simple solution . . . rich text it will be. Thank you sooooo much--

Thanks! With the others--even Kanbei, because of the deep-set Yukinojo eyes and big Yukinojo nose--I have to think about what angles flatter them. This one, I just plunk down and point the camera. ;-)

Viola: Why is it that Narin looks more femmy than Narae's?

Seriously, everyone thinks Ghaleon is a girl and Viola is a man. o_o Waugh I love that regency era outfit! <3

Viola, I feel your pain. That's why I had to have your I AM A BOY t-shirt--Etienne is wearing it right now, but it still isn't very convincing.

Isn't that outfit fabulous? I got it secondhand, lucky me. I found a pair of the Volks "period" shoes with the round rhinestone buckles, too . . . too perfect.

Keahi: I love the jammies!

Kane: to make the user names appear right you type < *lj user * = *username* >* and leave out all the *'s. Hope that helps.

Kane, you are my hero! That's exactly what I needed, especially after fighting the rich text editor for an hour last night to get my cut to show up the right way. Was it necessary to fight the rich text editor for an hour? Why, no. Any six-year-old could have figured out in thirty seconds that you highlight the cut portion and THEN click the "lj cut" button. But some of us are unreconstructed keystroke Luddites.

Keahi, I love the jammies, too! Those came with Etienne--another cool thing about the basic Narins and Naraes is that they arrive with fun retro-print jammies. Etienne really wants the pink Narae set, too . . .

(Deleted comment)
That's it exactly--he *does* look French, with a little Korean in there somewhere (the shape of the eyes?). And always just-awakened, *petpetpet.*

Thank you so much. He is absolutely gorgeous, I love these photos!!

I love him in the red, black and white best - very Parisian, but he looks so good in regency too. He. Looks. So. GOOD. WOW! I'm totally in love with your boy! XD

Thnak you! ^_^

He's the only BJD I have who can carry off bright tomato red! He's very pale in person, though incandescent light gives him a little color, and the resin does just about glow from within; it has a translucent quality that my other BJDs don't. I've fallen madly in love with the larger Narins and Naraes because of him--part of me wants one of each of the face options and one of each of the resin colors, though of COURSE that's insane.

And thank you for giving me the nudge to dig through my stored pictures! He is a dream to photograph.

Oh wow!!!
He's absolutely stunning, and what wonderful photos, too.
I never thought I'd like this guy, but he's quite handsome.

I don't know why there aren't more pictures of the 60cm Narins "out there"--maybe DoA people just didn't buy them? I never expected to, but I fell for this guy like a ton of bricks when I saw Dollmore's eBay auction pictures back before Christmas, and then he turned out to be *more* beautiful in person.

I don't like open mouths, so I never warmed up to the 43cm Narin and Narae that much, but--these larger ones are beauties. Highly, highly recommended.

Is he the "white resin" or the "pink resin?"
Is he a dollmore faceup? (Actually, I think Narin/Narae/Bimong does all the faceup....) ^0^

I think he's supposed to be the "pinky-white" resin (boy, is that unhelpful, or what?). Dollmore just called him "normal skin" in the eBay auction, and I've never been able to compare him in person to another Narin/Narae with a known resin color.

His base faceup is the Narindoll default, with a little eyebrow and cheek tweaking at Dollmore's discretion, because Jee Mon thought the default eyebrows were a little undefined and the cheek blushing needed a boost. We e-mailed back and forth about that a couple of times, because I didn't want him to get too made-up-looking, and I think I entertained Jee Mon quite a bit with my jitters. ;-)

he has to be one of the most versatile dolls ever! i love the shirt he has on in the last few pictures. he's so handsome and pretty at the same time, such the perfect model.

Isn't that fabric wonderful? That's his default pajama set--I love the PJs that come with both Narin and Narae (the Narae set is pink, with the same retro bubble print). The PJ pants are calf-length, and too cute for words; the shirt works well with jeans, too. <3 Narin!

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