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Etienne in at least some of his glory
Sasha Blaze
For pacific_rin, since she asked so nicely.


Modeling assignment!

Regency dandy's outfit by just*shining:

Sleepy bedhead boy:

Stupid newbie LJ question: how do you get other LJ users' names to show up as LJ users' names, with the bold and the little icon and the whatnot?

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Keahi: I love the jammies!

Kane: to make the user names appear right you type < *lj user * = *username* >* and leave out all the *'s. Hope that helps.

Kane, you are my hero! That's exactly what I needed, especially after fighting the rich text editor for an hour last night to get my cut to show up the right way. Was it necessary to fight the rich text editor for an hour? Why, no. Any six-year-old could have figured out in thirty seconds that you highlight the cut portion and THEN click the "lj cut" button. But some of us are unreconstructed keystroke Luddites.

Keahi, I love the jammies, too! Those came with Etienne--another cool thing about the basic Narins and Naraes is that they arrive with fun retro-print jammies. Etienne really wants the pink Narae set, too . . .

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