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Etienne in at least some of his glory
Sasha Blaze
For pacific_rin, since she asked so nicely.


Modeling assignment!

Regency dandy's outfit by just*shining:

Sleepy bedhead boy:

Stupid newbie LJ question: how do you get other LJ users' names to show up as LJ users' names, with the bold and the little icon and the whatnot?

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I don't know why there aren't more pictures of the 60cm Narins "out there"--maybe DoA people just didn't buy them? I never expected to, but I fell for this guy like a ton of bricks when I saw Dollmore's eBay auction pictures back before Christmas, and then he turned out to be *more* beautiful in person.

I don't like open mouths, so I never warmed up to the 43cm Narin and Narae that much, but--these larger ones are beauties. Highly, highly recommended.

Is he the "white resin" or the "pink resin?"
Is he a dollmore faceup? (Actually, I think Narin/Narae/Bimong does all the faceup....) ^0^

I think he's supposed to be the "pinky-white" resin (boy, is that unhelpful, or what?). Dollmore just called him "normal skin" in the eBay auction, and I've never been able to compare him in person to another Narin/Narae with a known resin color.

His base faceup is the Narindoll default, with a little eyebrow and cheek tweaking at Dollmore's discretion, because Jee Mon thought the default eyebrows were a little undefined and the cheek blushing needed a boost. We e-mailed back and forth about that a couple of times, because I didn't want him to get too made-up-looking, and I think I entertained Jee Mon quite a bit with my jitters. ;-)

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