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Etienne in at least some of his glory
Sasha Blaze
For pacific_rin, since she asked so nicely.


Modeling assignment!

Regency dandy's outfit by just*shining:

Sleepy bedhead boy:

Stupid newbie LJ question: how do you get other LJ users' names to show up as LJ users' names, with the bold and the little icon and the whatnot?

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he has to be one of the most versatile dolls ever! i love the shirt he has on in the last few pictures. he's so handsome and pretty at the same time, such the perfect model.

Isn't that fabric wonderful? That's his default pajama set--I love the PJs that come with both Narin and Narae (the Narae set is pink, with the same retro bubble print). The PJ pants are calf-length, and too cute for words; the shirt works well with jeans, too. <3 Narin!

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