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Old and new friends in Musashisakai

Old friends:

The Buddhist temple of Kannon-in, just around the corner from the Hotel Mets.

Carved stone turtles in one of the family graves in the temple cemetery.

Even fallen leaves arrange themselves in beautiful patterns!

New friends:

Saburo-san and his master, whom we met on the sidewalk near the hotel, and who were exceptionally friendly. (Well, Saburo-san more or less ignored us, but his master was adorable and wanted to have their picture taken.) What you can't see is that Saburo-san is wearing both a sweater with a ruffled skirt AND a heavy gold gangsta chain necklace. This might explain why he looks so grumpy, come to think of it.

Orenji-neko-chan, who hangs out in the little tiled waiting/vending-machine area just next to the hotel entrance.

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