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Really didn't mean to stay away quite so long, youse guys.

The sabbatical is over, spring semester is in full swing, I'm not feeling the camera-love at the moment, and Toshi is (knock on wood) well and truly housetrained. This doesn't stop him from chewing every woven or knitted fabric he can get his teeth on, or make him more inclined to regard "Come" as anything other than a friendly suggestion, but it does mean I don't have to dread getting home from work. Wooohoooo!

Spring teaching schedule:

2nd half sophomore British lit. survey
The British Novel
Samurai Fictions (film--live-action and anime--plus manga, nonfiction, and a few short stories)

I'm also handling the content-area academic advising (80 students) and prospective-student visits (almost daily) for our secondary English education program, while the English Ed. faculty member is on sabbatical. *choke*

And I'm faculty advisor for the campus anime club, which amuses me to no end. In the club, everyone has an anime name, and uses it exclusively.

Mine is Kanzeon Bosatsu. Heh.

Finally, since it isn't a real LJ post without dolly news,

Henry, a Souldoll JinWoo:

Kikuno, a ShinyDoll Akali (actually, she came home with me from Japan in November, and there's a whole story attached to this, but fairemma should tell at least half of it).

And Grail, whom you already know, but who is the proud possessor of a spiffed-up faceup, courtesy of the_impassive:
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