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A sail! A sail on the horizon!

Really didn't mean to stay away quite so long, youse guys.

The sabbatical is over, spring semester is in full swing, I'm not feeling the camera-love at the moment, and Toshi is (knock on wood) well and truly housetrained. This doesn't stop him from chewing every woven or knitted fabric he can get his teeth on, or make him more inclined to regard "Come" as anything other than a friendly suggestion, but it does mean I don't have to dread getting home from work. Wooohoooo!

Spring teaching schedule:

2nd half sophomore British lit. survey
The British Novel
Samurai Fictions (film--live-action and anime--plus manga, nonfiction, and a few short stories)

I'm also handling the content-area academic advising (80 students) and prospective-student visits (almost daily) for our secondary English education program, while the English Ed. faculty member is on sabbatical. *choke*

And I'm faculty advisor for the campus anime club, which amuses me to no end. In the club, everyone has an anime name, and uses it exclusively.

Mine is Kanzeon Bosatsu. Heh.

Finally, since it isn't a real LJ post without dolly news,

Henry, a Souldoll JinWoo:

Kikuno, a ShinyDoll Akali (actually, she came home with me from Japan in November, and there's a whole story attached to this, but fairemma should tell at least half of it).

And Grail, whom you already know, but who is the proud possessor of a spiffed-up faceup, courtesy of the_impassive:

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I think we should all have animation nicknames. I wanna be....hm... Kuki Sanban from kids next door, cuz I'm probably most like her.

either that or wonder woman from the superfriends.

gorgeous piccies yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My REAL problem is that I have a couple of the anime club members in the samurai class, and I'm afraid I'll slip and call them by their club names in class . . .


Welcome back dear friend! You have been missed terribly (by me). Glad to hear Toshi is settling in.

Pass on my neverending adoration to Shunshou the Mighty.

Ohhhhhhhhh, BIGBIGBIG hugs, even from Shunshou (who says he has a new outfit to show off, and when will I get around to taking his picture, huh?)

Mugen love. Not quite as much as the Jin love, but there's plenty to go around. *happysigh* I still haven't decided which episodes of Champloo to use in class . . . we need to natter some more, once I get a better idea about what goes over with this particular batch of students.

Welcome back, babes! And look at the pictures - lovely! Congrats - on everything!

Awwwwww, thanks! I just can't get over how fast the time passed, once I got back from Japan in November. How on earth did we get to almost-February so soon??

Congrats on the new ones, they look like interesting and beautiful dolls. Grail looks totally fabulous in his new face. Love how he looks now <3

It's great to see you around, I'd been wondering where you'd got to!

I think I was doing some winter hibernation, without quite realizing it! Now I need to poke around the flist and see what everyone's been up to--also, take some pictures of Grail in the Anotherspace aviator helmet and goggles that, for some reason, he insisted that I buy. How our tastes do change, huh?

Beautiful new children! And Grail is Teh Gorgeous. I love those eyes you've got in him!

I really want to take your Samurai Fiction class. It sounds like a lot of fun. There's just the pesky detail of a few hundred mile commute!

I'm mad about those eyes, too: they're Silvers, and I was sooooo lucky to snag them on DoA awhile back. I had been passing them around the crew, but I don't think they'll be moving any more . . . they belong to the prince, for sure.

What you can't see in that picture is that the prince is also wearing your yummy pewter pants! :-)

Aw, come on--you could always arm-wrestle Toshi for the couch, if it seemed like a long drive home after class . . .

Me, too! ;-) Hope all's well with you, sweets--Shunshou sends an extra ear-sproing to Wendy, and says he's VERY disappointed that I didn't get myself out to California last year. He just can't see why going to Japan again seemed more urgent, *hmph*.

Keahi: ::::sneaks into your LJ::::::tosses confetti all over and in every corner::::Welcome home auntie!!!!

Puck: :::watching and taking notes:::: waves:::

Oh, look at the darling Puck! (This is Puck in the userpic, yes?) Hugs all around, with a special one for Keahi. What have you been reading lately, Key dear?

Hopefully your classes won't stress you out too badly! You sound... horribly busy, though. o_O When another prof goes on sabbatical, *choke* indeed - wil be sending lost of positive thoughts your way!

I really like Kikuno a lot. I feel like she captures the vintage doll feel rather well compared to the CH vintage AI travesties. Kikuno is so cute. :D

Toshi, aside, may I inquire as to who resides with you now? (Though I must shamelessly admit, your CH dolls are the ones who I like the most. And Kikuno. :D)

I was feeling pretty stressy last week, but by now--it's really a pleasure to teach these classes, and I'm starting to get back into the rhythm of campus life. And the relief of not being department chair . . . well, even I don't have words for that one!

I agree: Kikuno really does remind me of vintage dolls, especially vintage Japanese dolls. Shin-san says that he wanted to make the Akali head a true Japanese girl, and I think he nailed it.

Oh, dear: the list of my resin roomies is truly embarrassing! I put it together over the holidays for my DoA profile; let me reconstruct it and do a post over the weekend, okay? I've wanted to do a "here's the crew" post for a long time, but just didn't get around to it--this seems like a good moment.

Ahh, sensee, I wanna take Samurai Fiction class, sounds like a lot of fun!

Welcome back, glad puppy is being better, and wow, what a great bunch of resin!

Anime club, I would have such a hard time just wanting one character name.

I'm so hoping that the samurai class works out the way I want it to--we had a great first meeting on Monday, lots of energy and good discussion, and I just want that to keep going. Cross your fingers for me!

I'm such a Saiyuki geek . . . it had to be either Hakkai or Kanzeon Bosatsu, and I thought Kanzeon Bosatsu was a great faculty-advisor choice. Hee.

Good to read you again! Wow I love you Shinydoll, she id just adorable!
Lookit Grail! He is gorgeous ... love those eyes!

I think a Shinydoll would fit into your crew really, really well . . . I'm crazy about Kikuno, and in fact I just got a Shinydoll Nanae to keep her company. Don't have any decent pictures yet, but--one of thse days!

So good to see you here again, I've missed you!
Congrats on your new beauties and I'm intrigued to know Kikuno's story!

Glad you're winning with Toshi. Reminds me of my early days with Sally (who was a rescue and was supposed to be house trained - nope!)

I need to get my Japan pictures organized so that I can explain Kikuno's arrival a little--that's a job that will get done sooner or later, though, because I'm giving a talk to the retired-faculty club on the 14th, and those pictures are some that I want to use then. Such a whirlwind of activity, hee!

Toshi gets many, MANY second chances with me on obedience stuff just because he was so easy to housetrain; it didn't seem easy at the time, but in hindsight, jeez, he really only took about ten days to finish the process. As soon as he grasped the idea that he was living in the house permanently, he started insisting on going outside when the need hit him. All I did was hang a string of bells on the back door so that he could alert me, and he took care of the rest. Such a good boy!

Ohhh YAY!! It's so NICE to see you post. I've been wondering where you've been and hoped that all was well. Seems the last time I heard from you was your Japan trip. I should go check and see if I missed any other posts since I've not been around much lately either. *hugs*

Between getting used to living with a dog, and the holidays, and fretting about not wanting to go back to work . . . yup, there went November and December! I'm looking forward to catching up with everybody--yay, so good to see you online!!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, you're right--there *is* a family resemblance there, especially around the eyes! I need to put Grail and Sejong side by side and find out what the camera sees (since that's never quite what I see on my own).

Sejong sends New Year greetings to his kinsman Dance, and nobly refrains from pointing out that he himself does not yet have a sweater. The cobbler's kids . . . ;-)

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