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More recent arrivals, kinda sorta

Squeezing in a little midday time at home, between interview events (our third department chair candidate is on campus today) . . .

The couch puppy gets the splash picture! Toshi seriously hates having his picture taken, so I'm not getting the chance to record his splendiferous adorableness the way I want to. But I did manage to snap this one before he ran away from the camera:

One ShinyDoll just wasn't enough, somehow, so Mlle Caroline came to live with me a couple of weeks ago. She's a Nanae head, currently wearing Soom Veneno eyes and waiting patiently for some decent light:

If I had only noticed the stray hairs before I changed her clothes and put the camera away, I could actually have some good shots of Kikuno here. *sigh*

And my great treasure, a 1960s Gotz Sasha. Darby just arrived a few days ago--I've wanted an early Sasha for ages, but none with the right face (or the right price) floated past until now. One of my favorite Sasha seamstresses decided that it was time for Darby to find a new home, and I was lucky enough to win the auction:
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