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More recent arrivals, kinda sorta
Squeezing in a little midday time at home, between interview events (our third department chair candidate is on campus today) . . .

The couch puppy gets the splash picture! Toshi seriously hates having his picture taken, so I'm not getting the chance to record his splendiferous adorableness the way I want to. But I did manage to snap this one before he ran away from the camera:

One ShinyDoll just wasn't enough, somehow, so Mlle Caroline came to live with me a couple of weeks ago. She's a Nanae head, currently wearing Soom Veneno eyes and waiting patiently for some decent light:

If I had only noticed the stray hairs before I changed her clothes and put the camera away, I could actually have some good shots of Kikuno here. *sigh*

And my great treasure, a 1960s Gotz Sasha. Darby just arrived a few days ago--I've wanted an early Sasha for ages, but none with the right face (or the right price) floated past until now. One of my favorite Sasha seamstresses decided that it was time for Darby to find a new home, and I was lucky enough to win the auction:
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Dolls, shmolls. TOOOOOSHEROONIE!@!! He takes the cute cake.

Edited at 2008-01-31 07:46 pm (UTC)

He truly, truly does. <3 TEH CUTE!

Is that Krueger with the brewski? :-)

Very much teh cute, yes!!

And yes, that's him, and the icon is titled "Krueger beer schmoop."

*skritch skritch skritch*

The very best kind of schmoop there is!

Awww...look at Toshi with his pretty big puppy eyes...Now i want a puppy too! But i think the cats would beat the poor dog..lol..
Congrats on your dolly purchases!!

Heh--the cats would definitely outnumber the poor dog!! But there's something irresistible about the way a dog looks up at you when it wants something . . . I highly recommend it. Even with housetraining factored in. ;-)

TOSHITOSHITOSHI!!!!!! he is soooo cute. we must cure him of his camera fear! he needs more piccies!!!!

eeoooo lookit the dollies! they are so sweet. congrats on getting that sasha!

I still can't figure out why nobody bid on the Sasha! Her hair isn't great, but then a lot of Sasha brunettes have bad hair. Yay for auctions that nobody really notices--

So much puppy love!!! Glad you two are still enjoying one another!

The dolls are amazing - quite an impressive array in one post of serious art dollage. The sasha is a treasure - congrats!

Last night, when I finally got home from work (I have 12-hour Mondays this semester), Toshi leaped into my arms and kissed me on the mouth twice. AWWWWWWWWW!! Also, ewwwwww, but that's life with a canine.

I'm a huge convert to ShinyDolls, thanks to fairemma--the body engineering is something else again, and I love Shin-san's face/head aesthetic. Plus, well, Sashas. *happysigh*

Awwww Toshi looks like you were bothering him, no dessert for you!

Congrats on the Sasha, I really love the eye painting on the older ones.
Nanae is a mold that has always fascinated me, I look forward to more pics.

Hee! Toshi gives me that exasperated look an awful lot; I'm not picking up Dog even as fast as I'm picking up Japanese, which he finds pretty pathetic.

If the sun would ever come out again, I have a ton of pictures I want to take, including both of the ShinyDolls in their school uniforms. Soooooo tired of winter . . .

Wooot I forget who are the Sasha folks on my flist all the time! I'm a huge Gregor-Caleb fancier. This wee girl is adorable. And Keahi is jealous of her bunny.

I adore ShinyDolls. though I always see them as art rather than playwith types. Still I do adore this one.

Ohhhh, the bunny is a Tonner Ann Estelle accessory! Look on eBay--there was a nice little range of Ann Estelle toys a couple of years ago, including an elephant, this bunny, ummmmm I think maybe a monkey . . .

I need to dig around and see whether there's much of a Sasha circle on LJ. Seems like most of the Sasha people hang out on the two big yahoogroups, but that's an awkward way to keep updated and see new pictures.

ShinyDoll posing is just amazing--the bodies are such fun to fiddle with. Hard to dress, though, because they're so slender. *sigh*

I think you are probably one of my only friends that have Shinydolls. Or maybe the only ones that takes pictures of them. Hmm. Or maybe I just am retarded? :( They are great! They are very lifelike in a way... very lovely.

There really *aren't* many ShinyDolls floating around, or, yeah, at least they don't get photographed all that often. fairemma got me started--her Clio and Hali are stunning.

Toshi's sooooo cute!

(We want Shunshou! LOL)

*guilt* *guilt* *guilt*


Cute cute Toshi! I am liking your SHiny dolls so much ... best pics I have ever seen of them!
What a great early Sasha, I love her work and ideas behind the dolls

The more I live with the ShinyDolls, the more I like them--I think one would fit really well into your crew. Plus, you know, then you could sew for them . . .

There is something very, very special about Sashas, every era and every style. I'm trying not to go TOO far overboard with that collection, but it's hard!

(Deleted comment)
There's such subtlety in the differences between one Sasha and the next--even within the same production run, there's quite a range of expressions. I love Darby's quizzical impatience, too! Sashas are harder to photograph than BJDs, for me, and I always feel like I'm struggling to get the right light and angle. It's worth the effort, though.

And I think you've hit the ShinyDoll/Sasha resemblance whang in the gold: something about Shin-san's aesthetic *is* a lot like Sasha Morgenthaler's, for all the differences in materials and styles of dollmaking.

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