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The unthinkable has happened: the university's administration has actually cancelled classes BEFORE students (not to mention staff and faculty) got trapped on campus by worsening weather.

Toshi got so excited because I was excited about this news (can you say "shrieking and dancing around the kitchen in my pajamas"?) that he ran into my study and chewed the spine off my precious copy of June Hemmons Hiatt's Principles of Knitting. My only consolations are (1) at least he started with the spine, so the pages are still readable; (2) I was one of the lucky people who got that book on remainder at B. Dalton, back in the day, instead of going over the cliff of secondary-market prices with the rest of the knitter-lemmings; and (3) Hiatt is, even as we speak, finishing the revised and updated edition. And of course I can't help laughing: yup, the fiberhound goes straight for books about knitting, instead of all the other books he could have chosen to chew up.

Mug shot of Bad Dog No No (note incriminating crumb of paper on mouth):

Snow-day pictures coming later, with any luck.

And finally, seriously: sending good thoughts to tubbysnuggles today.
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