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Finally getting back to the camera.
Deadly Mally
The first of what I hope will be quite a few pictures today . . .

Nessa in the Wine Fer that I scored from a very nice person on DoA:

Question for Fer owners: are those long skinny things meant to go on the arms or the legs? I gave up without making much of an attempt to put them on any limb, but I thought I should at least ask what I'm supposed to be doing with them.

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How pretty!

And the long skinny things go on the arms. XD

Awwww, thanks, on both counts! I thought those were detached sleeves, but they're SO skinny . . . meh, I can live without putting them on Nessa, considering how much of a pain it is to remove CH hands.

I love that color on her!
I have an Ivory Fer, but I've never actually had it on a doll.....I'm waiting for something, but I've forgotten what.

Happy birthday, hon!!!!

Oooooo, I think the Ivory is so beautiful--I was almost going to hold out for one, but when this Wine dropped into my lap, I figured I might as well go ahead and commit.

Nice! That color is really lush.

It's even prettier in person--the light today has been really weird, sort of thin and gray. *sigh*

Pretty dress! Wish those would fit Devon, but realistically they aren't really her style anyway.

Glad to see you posting again!

(how's otouto-chan and her nibs?)

Ahhhhhh, the twinnies are perfect, and should have gotten some picture time if I hadn't been embroiled in too many projects besides the dolls today. Next weekend!! I still haven't tried 'touto-kun's Little Wonder kimono on him, after hauling it all the way home from Tokyo . . .

ooo... love the wine color, she looks gorgeous.
I did put those arm thingys one ... its a project

Gyargh! Did you unlace the whole thing, or were you able to work the arm things on without having to remove the ribbons completely first? My fingertips hurt just thinking about it. ;-)

I kinda undid them halfway and then slide them on and tightened them... very fiddly stuff, but the look is nice in the end

ohhh that COLOR, that color! it's too gorgeous on her!!

she is so beautiful. i love that wig. what a great picture!!!!!!

Choas RULE!!! You know Sabrina totally inspired me to buy this Fer for Nessa--it will look gorgeous on Oneesan, too, but Nessa had to have first dibs.

Love the deep rich lushness of the wine colored fer. It's a perfect compliment for you lovely girl. Those arm bands are a pain!! Heh, I have a black fer and a soon to arrive ivory one. I love those outfits!! ^____~

I find myself daydreaming about which colors I wish Dollheart would release next . . . hmmm . . . I would love to see a deeper slate blue/gray color, midway between the Indigo and the Pewter.

Pretty! I got that outfit too thanks to a sweet person, but haven't been able to put it on a doll so it is really nice to see your girl wearing it! Glad to see your photos!

It's a great fit for old Customhouse bodies, which is a nice discovery since so many things are totally swimmingly huge on them. Nessa and the Fer deserve a better photoshoot, but this will do for starters!

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