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Spring haze
Sasha Blaze
I live on the edge of the true prairie, what's left of it in this part of North America. This is grazing land--cattle and hay are big business. This week, there's a haze in the air and the scent of smoke hanging over town, because the ranchers are burning off their pastureland; the native grasses won't germinate or grow properly without the help of fire.

I came here after spending seven years in western Colorado, on the edge of the high desert. There, the air often filled with smoke in the summer, and it was frightening: that smoke meant wildfires, the kind that destroy houses and kill both animals and people.

Six years here, and I still have to stop and remind myself that this smoke means life, not death.

Meaning is always in context.

And now, for something completely different: keiki_boys, here are the Cheerydoll sandals on Sejong's feet.

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Really? Heeeeyyy! Count me in, as long as it's on Sunday afternoon--I'll be stuck in the office most of that weekend, working on personnel evaluations.

If this comes off, figure out who you want me to bring, because no way can I lug the whole crew with me now. As dearly as I love Lyon, nobody really needs to see another Hound . . . and Susan Hedrick has a Yukinojo now, right? I could bring Shunshou (my Unoa boy) and Etienne and Sejong, that might make the most sense.

If somebody would just make birkies for CH girl-sized feet, that would make both Claudine and Sejong very happy.

I think they want to do it on Saturday. ;o; But if you can come, yeah bring Shunshou, Etienne and Sejong. :3 I hope if susan goes she brings her SD16, I haven't seen on in person and I need to get a look at how much larger his torso is so I can figure out what to sew! XD

Hmmmmmm, well, I might be able to reshuffle some stuff. Keep me posted, okay? If it works out for me and if Susan isn't coming, I'll add Kanbei to the mix.

If measurements would help, I can do those for you no matter what--but that's a long way from being able to handle the actual body, I know.

Yeah, measurements only go so far... sometime maybe you and I can get together and i can make a duct tape dummy of him. I wrap him in plastic wrap and tape, then cut it off him... no real duct tape involved! X3;;;

This, I have to see. :-)

And it still seems like one of these weekends we should be able to cross the great divide of, what, 80 miles? There's just no TIME.

Ugh, I know what you mean! It's just a /little/ too far to be easy. ;o;

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