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More of the day's experiments!

New clothes all over the place . . .

First, a big hug and cupcakes for honeyedbiscuit, who decided to sell her Jin/Jun Union Uniform at exactly the right moment. Now Flynn has one, as well as Pen, and don't they look stunning together? Downright Viennese-operetta-heroic.

Mally Lee finally got some new clothes (by the extremely talented Jackie Cranston, "Katz Meow"), after a long dry spell. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson:

Henry models a spiffy outfit by killbill on DoA:

And Nell, because of course she's really a princess in disguise, gets first dibs on this Ospirit outfit, kindly offered to me by a TSW friend:

Now I have to get around and do music at church, which nobody told me I was scheduled to do this evening. If my Spidey-sense hadn't tingled this morning, and insisted that I make a phone call to check, I would have happily not shown up. !@#*%& Spidey-sense.
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