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Dolly musing.
Sasha Blaze
I should be rereading Waverley for class tomorrow, or else getting dressed so I'll be ready when Toshi wakes up from his after-breakfast nap and wants to GOWALKIESRIGHTNOWCAN'TWAIT. But instead, I'm pondering the fickleness of my dolly taste.

Or maybe it isn't fickleness. I think I'm returning to my BJD roots, so to speak (since my BJD roots only go back to March of 2004, this is laughable, but bear with me, 'kthnx). Y'all know that I've dabbled in the more realistically-sculpted BJDs pretty heavily: Saint, Bella Auden, Ryu, Jin Woo. But I find myself lurching back, all of a sudden, into a passion for what I think of as an earlier BJD proportion and style. I've always loved my Customhouse dolls, and now . . .

. . . well, now I have a Megu on the way, and I'm thrilled to pieces. I've had a secret hankering for a Four Sisters that's lasted for a long time now; I'm not sure I'd call her a "dream doll" in the way that Omiclon is a dream doll, but I've felt a Four Sisters-shaped gap in my crew for quite a while. Plus, errrrrr, I'm kinda sorta working on buying a Volks Lucas, despite the fact that I have heavy house-repair expenses coming up. As with the Four Sisters, there's a Lucas-shaped gap in the lineup, and what the hell, it's only money.

Let us now praise classic BJDs.

While I'm mulling over my changing tastes in head/body proportions, is anyone so madly in love with Henry, my Souldoll Jin Woo, that you'd like to give him a home? He's a handsome guy, still strung so tightly that he squeaks. I would send him with his default light-blond Souldoll wig, the mane of Classic Majesty hair he's been wearing here, and a pair of 13mm Masterpiece Teakwood eyes. (Sorry, I'm keeping the Mystic Antique C eyes, because Atsumori wants them.) $600 shipped within the US, $580 plus half the exact cost of shipping to other countries, how's that? (I paid $648.50 for him, including shipping.)

Email me if you're interested--sedens81 AT hotmail DOT com. I'm not going to be in agony if I don't sell him, but I can tell that he's never going to get the playtime around here that he deserves. Like the 60cm Narin of fond memory, Jin Woo was an experiment well worth making, but that's as far as he goes.

Which leads me to a final observation for this morning: BJDs that I buy for myself right around the holidays have a poor track record. I'm one for three so far: Kit the Mui isn't going anywhere, but bye-bye Narin and bye-bye Jin Woo. Note to self.
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megu is beautiful ...you will love her
this boy should find a home quickly ,he is very handsome :)

He's wonderfully wistful. I've noticed that about the holidays as well. Still live and learn right. theoretically.

Jin Woo is wonderful. I wish I had the extra $ to give him a home, but with having to jump to get my SA Husky before I can't anymore, I'm tapped.

Congrats on the new ones!

(Did you see Kyoto 5 is going to have an Okita Souji? I'm dying! Declan wants the outfit.

Oppps!! I need some coffee . . . it would help if I read things . . . talk to you later. :)

Edited at 2008-02-24 06:35 pm (UTC)

Yay, Megu! I'd love one someday, I think she'd be an adorable foil to Elsie.

With all my dream dolls home (ok, except for an SA Bermann, but there does come a time when it's ok to give up on a dream - especially since a tanned DO was never on the list, nor any tanned doll, and hofuckIloveLeopoldsomuch) it's really fun to be able to kind of breathe easy and just enjoy looking at dolls. There are so many molds I've missed seeing because my search for the dream dolls was so fervent! That openness is what brought me Percival the SchA mod, and MAN, I dig this doll.

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