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Well, the dog thinks he's irresistible, anyway.

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hehe what a cute picture! He looks like he is laughing! rotfl...

Toshi cracks me up. He's taken to rolling onto his back and twisting his head around like this whenever he thinks I'm not paying enough attention to him. Of course, if I try to pet him, he'll start chewing on my fingers--the teeth are cocked and loaded . . .

hey it's a TOSHI SIGHTING!! wooeeeoooeeee!!!!!!!!!

he'd better be cute, for all the a) destroyed property and b) early a.m. wakings. little stinker.

Four a.m. today. *sigh* He just isn't on the same body clock that I am.

Awwwwwww, what a total charmer. Hee!!! I love the little hint of toothy grin.

Heh, don't let the cute little toofers fool you! He's ready to chomp down if a hand comes within reach--all in fun, not in malice, but BOY is he a chewer.

He is irresistible! Look at that pose! :D

It's like he thinks he's pulling out all the stops--this is the doggy equivalent of "come up and see my etchings," lolllllll.

I laughed my rolling chair halfway across the room. AWWWWTOSHI!

It's even better with live action: he rolls his eyes wildly and huffs like a little steam engine. Goofy dog!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Indeed there was--a sneeze and a full-body shake, to spread the loose hair more evenly around the living room. I need to buy vacuum-cleaner bags ASAP . . .

He is such a character! Looks like he's lost his irritation with the camera. That guy is playing right to it!

I was surprised that he didn't shy away when I pointed the camera at him . . . I think you're right, he's turning into a publicity hound! ;-)

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