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Yes, yes, I know, I know--I said I have too many dolls--
--but. What am I supposed to do when Y!J dangles adorable artist heads in front of me? I'm only human.

Teaser picture of inbound . . . hmmm, does this look like a boy or a girl to you?

The seller is vividlabo; the auction photos are watermarked "Doll Mate" and this head is called Hyun (definitely a Korean name, not a Japanese one). Why does "vividlabo" ring a bell? Isn't that either HeavyBomb or Rolling Pumpkin, or am I nuts? There's a powerful whiff of early Custom House about this head to me--that sharp little chin, that slightly bulgy nose, and something I can't quite put into words about the proportions of the face.

In other news, I have an exciting trade in progress for the Jin Woo, and the Megu head is on her way to Hong Kong for a pretty, soft new faceup. Yay for spring!

Back to grading my samurai class's midterm papers. I am so proud of the way this class is stepping up to the unusual material--they're doing much better work than my British Novel students. I'm actually looking forward to grading papers, for a change . . .

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Congratulations, Cynthia! I'm definitely feeling the earlier CH vibe. Like a blend of Nan, Jin, and, well, the nose I can't pinpoint. xD

If professors dread grading papers, why do you ask us to write them? ;D (I'm just teasing. :D) Oh lordy, I remember when I had to write a paper on this book for Hauser's Asian American Experience class. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!! During office hours, Hauser would bemoan the fact that he had to finish grading... ^^;;

I did do a quick comparison of the CH Hyun, but . . . nope, definitely no resemblance. I see a lot of Evan's face shape in Hyun--the width of the mask compared to the narrowness of the chin. Too much fun!

And ha, ha, very ha about the papers. XD Plumbers don't *enjoy* sticking their hands into sump pits, now do they? LOLLLLLLLL

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