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Yes, yes, I know, I know--I said I have too many dolls--
--but. What am I supposed to do when Y!J dangles adorable artist heads in front of me? I'm only human.

Teaser picture of inbound . . . hmmm, does this look like a boy or a girl to you?

The seller is vividlabo; the auction photos are watermarked "Doll Mate" and this head is called Hyun (definitely a Korean name, not a Japanese one). Why does "vividlabo" ring a bell? Isn't that either HeavyBomb or Rolling Pumpkin, or am I nuts? There's a powerful whiff of early Custom House about this head to me--that sharp little chin, that slightly bulgy nose, and something I can't quite put into words about the proportions of the face.

In other news, I have an exciting trade in progress for the Jin Woo, and the Megu head is on her way to Hong Kong for a pretty, soft new faceup. Yay for spring!

Back to grading my samurai class's midterm papers. I am so proud of the way this class is stepping up to the unusual material--they're doing much better work than my British Novel students. I'm actually looking forward to grading papers, for a change . . .

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Often Korean names have 2 syllables. Hyun is used for both boy and girl names so it does seem to suggest either gender :) I saw Hyun on YJA some time ago and thought it was a darling mold ♥

I haven't been paying nearly enough attention to Y!J for the past several months--which is probably why I went on a binge over the weekend! (I snagged a beautiful pair of eyes, too.) And yes, I've had both male and female students with "Hyun" as part of their names--I thought it was a clever choice for this androgynous head.

Gorgeous, gorgeous avatar picture there! Mine are way overdue for updating, but at this point there aren't enough hours in spring break to do everything I've postponed until then. ;-)

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