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Look, Ma, no rant!

Things are hopping, let me tell you . . .

--one crew of guys (actually, Toshi's groomer's son and his carpenter's assistant) arrived yesterday to tear off my front and back steps and rebuild them. Woot!

--whereupon, after more than six months of failing to show up to do the work, Albert the stonemason and *his* guy suddenly appeared. This afternoon. Without calling first. Just when I had told the first crew of guys to go ahead and fix the masonry while they were at it.

It's an embarrassment of riches, that's what it is. But, once again, Guy Telepathy proves to be a mystery to me. Obviously there was some kind of vibration in the ether that led Albert to drive past my house, spot Reid and his guy at work, and figure that he was in danger of losing a job.

Not complaining, me. Getting the work done is what matters. And I'm glad that Albert's Guy Telepathy brought him over here today, because there turns out to be a substantial problem under my back door, one that all four guys admit will take Albert's forty years of experience to solve. I was called outside in mid-post to see how the stone on that whole section of my house had fallen off when the concrete step was torn out. Now the combined crews of guys are outside, talking about pouring footings and drilling in rebar and adding ties to hold the stone facing in place.

You think this sounds expensive? I think this sounds expensive.

*resigned sigh*

Yesterday, my friend sillydogs came to town for fabric shopping, lunch, and some playtime. We put together sillydogs's Kismet, a Ninodoll Um.Pyo/Shinydoll Thaasa-body hybrid:

Earlier this week, I was playing with that magazine-cover generator, and liked this result:

One more picture of the Hyun head, to tide us all over until it arrives from Celga:

Aaaaaaaand there will be pictures soon of the lovely doll who arrived in trade for Henry the Jin Woo!
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