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Henry leaves, and . . . somebody . . . arrives.
Sasha Blaze
For all my ranting about the DoA Marketplace, yanno, there ARE good people and wonderful transactions to be found there. F'rinstance, I just finished a great trade with somebody who took my Jin Woo and sent me this lovely broody young'un:

He's a Hypermaniac Gyedo with gorgeous faceup by Gen (YamamuraTatsuya). He doesn't have a name yet, though I'm almost tempted to name him Elias; he looks like an adolescent version of Simon Elias, the Customhouse Little Junior Jupiter I once had.

In other news, my repaired front-door surround and new porch look FABULOUS, even without paint, and the first crew of guys is digging holes for the new footing under the back door even as we speak. Progress is good. Progress is expensive, but progress is good.
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OH, C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a very, very, very, very lucky girl! He's gorgeous and if I was still deep in my HM thing...I would be green with envy - but now I can celebrate him with you - beautiful!!!!

I'm thinking there may have to be a Hypermaniac girl in my future--these dolls are addictive! They can't pose for crap, they can barely sit up, and yet . . . it's so easy to overlook their design flaws.

Wow, gorgeous. I love Gye-do so much. My boy is named Ira (something about this sculpt seems to call for old-school, Old Testament sorts of names...?) It's a beautiful face-up, too.

Ha! You are so right about the names--for about five minutes, I thought about finding a nice Korean name, but nah. Old Testament it is. ;-)

I was fixated on Omiclon for so long that I really didn't focus on the other Hypermaniac sculpts. On the one hand, it was safer that way, but on the other hand, a whole world of fun is opening up to me . . .

Oh my GOD, how cute is he??!? LOVE!!!

-- A :D

I just want to pinch his round little cheeks and make him laugh in spite of himself. AWWWWWWWWW!

oh I think Elias suits him! why not? oo! he is really lovely. gen did a lovely job, indeed, on his faceup!

i reawlly wanna see the work on the house, too.

So far, the pictures I've taken of the new front steps make them look uneven, which they definitely aren't . . . so I need to try again. I might wait until the paint is on and everything looks finished; it won't be long, given the rate at which Reid and his buddy are getting through their part of the work.

OMG, he's gorgeous. And I like Elias. Very beautiful boy. I'd love to see pics of him with Grail.

YESyesyesyes, there will be brother pictures to come!! I haven't put them together yet--too distracted and running in all directions--but maybe tomorrow, if the nice weather holds and I get some good light. YAY!

he's so beautiful! so REAL looking xx

That's what I adore about both Hypermaniac and Dollstown--their sculpts do look real enough to breathe, especially with a good faceup.

WOW ... he is gorgeous! LOVE the faceup .. what a fantastic trade!
Now to pm Gen and get her to do my Omicion ....

I'm just thrilled with him! The Jin Woo didn't go over quite so well on the other end (his peanut head really works against him), but his body is currently doing good service for a Jace head, so all's smooth and satisfactory.

He's awesome! I love the Hypermaniacs... so expressive!

And that sweater!!! WOW!

Isn't that sweater nifty? I can't take credit for it--I snagged it on eBay from somebody in New Zealand who put it up for an opening bid of $9.99 and didn't get any takers except me. I felt like a thief, but at least she did sell it.

He is such a cutie! He definitely belongs with you.

I think so, too! He fits right into my moody oddball menagerie.

He's reeeeeally beautiful!
Sweet, sensitive faceup, I think Eliot would suit him.

Ohhhh, I like Eliot, too! *puzzling over names*

Oh, Cynthia, he's a heartbreaker. I LOVE him. Congratulations!

He really is, isn't he? *loves* Now we HAVE to get Grail, Bitte, and this boy together one of these days . . .

He is wonderful!! LOVE him!! So is he MSD size? SOMEDAY, I may get myself a Hypermaniac doll . . . I just love their sculpts.


Aw, thanks! And nope, Gyedo is a good, solid SD13 size--he just looks really young. Omiclon is oversized and a little hard to dress, but except for his chubby feet, Gyedo is a much more standard size. It helps, not having to search out odd-sized clothes . . .

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