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Henry leaves, and . . . somebody . . . arrives.
Sasha Blaze
For all my ranting about the DoA Marketplace, yanno, there ARE good people and wonderful transactions to be found there. F'rinstance, I just finished a great trade with somebody who took my Jin Woo and sent me this lovely broody young'un:

He's a Hypermaniac Gyedo with gorgeous faceup by Gen (YamamuraTatsuya). He doesn't have a name yet, though I'm almost tempted to name him Elias; he looks like an adolescent version of Simon Elias, the Customhouse Little Junior Jupiter I once had.

In other news, my repaired front-door surround and new porch look FABULOUS, even without paint, and the first crew of guys is digging holes for the new footing under the back door even as we speak. Progress is good. Progress is expensive, but progress is good.
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He's reeeeeally beautiful!
Sweet, sensitive faceup, I think Eliot would suit him.

Ohhhh, I like Eliot, too! *puzzling over names*

You know, I was all about Eliot until just this second I remembered there IS a HM Eliot.

I don't know how you feel about that though.

Orien's original pre-arrival name had been Ando, but then I found out there was a mold named that. And then later Heroes started, and my favorite char was Ando, so it's all for the best.

Then again, there's a Volks Elsie, I believe.

This is true--I remembered the HM Eliot after a while, too. And I went to high school with a guy named Elliott who was nice enough, but upon reflection I wouldn't want to have to think about him every time I played with my doll. ;)

Elias isn't quite doing it for me, though. Must think on't.


Whoo, sorry. That was involuntary! Now I have to figure out what my negative associations are with that name . . . ;-)

I want to laugh, but... it's not really funny. It's cockeyed. By which I mean, I know exactly how you feel! Some names do that to me too, and I don't know why. May never know why.

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