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Henry leaves, and . . . somebody . . . arrives.
Sasha Blaze
For all my ranting about the DoA Marketplace, yanno, there ARE good people and wonderful transactions to be found there. F'rinstance, I just finished a great trade with somebody who took my Jin Woo and sent me this lovely broody young'un:

He's a Hypermaniac Gyedo with gorgeous faceup by Gen (YamamuraTatsuya). He doesn't have a name yet, though I'm almost tempted to name him Elias; he looks like an adolescent version of Simon Elias, the Customhouse Little Junior Jupiter I once had.

In other news, my repaired front-door surround and new porch look FABULOUS, even without paint, and the first crew of guys is digging holes for the new footing under the back door even as we speak. Progress is good. Progress is expensive, but progress is good.
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Oh, Cynthia, he's a heartbreaker. I LOVE him. Congratulations!

He really is, isn't he? *loves* Now we HAVE to get Grail, Bitte, and this boy together one of these days . . .

Not until I have a Na-Hu to round out the family.

I tell you, I couldn't get a good pic of Grail and Bitte together. It's like they fucked up my camera. I think there's only so much HM goodness allowable in one shot.

Heh! I thought there was something magical in that HM resin . . .

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