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Home is the sailor, home from sea
Deadly Mally
Call it serendipity.

Thanks to a dear friend's alertness and another (new) friend's kindness, I've been able to bring someone back whom I had missed terribly. The first shell of Kanbei is happily living his resin life as celticgeekess's Julian, but I'm overjoyed to announce that my Kanbei-dono has returned from his travels, all the same. A little older, a little wiser, a little more soulpatched--but still Kanbei, in all his SD16 glory.

Call it synchronicity, too.

The mail carrier rang my doorbell to hand me the big box a little while ago, just when I was rewatching Seven Samurai and making notes for Monday night's class.

It's a gray, cold day, with light fit for neither woman nor camera, but . . .

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Oh wow. He's your Kanbei? So perfect I could weep. I love that sweater on him so much, I just want to give him a huge hug. I'm so glad you could bring him back! ♥

Oh, *sniffle*! Thank you so much.

I'm SO happy that this worked out--such a string of chances and friendly nudges almost makes me believe in the Meant To Be stuff. ;-)

He looks very happy to be home, methinks. Very happy indeed.

You know, I think so, too! Now if I just didn't have the shaky hands from my dad's side of the family, I could even have a decent picture to prove it . . .

YAY!!!! KANBEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Deleted comment)
I just wish the sun had come out, to let me take better homecoming pictures! :( And I did enjoy knitting for the SD16--that body really lends itself to sweaters. This one doesn't quite fit, but I know inspiration will strike before long . . .

Ah, what a handsome guy. :3 Congrats! :D

Thank you!

*ogling Fall AGAIN*


He's so stunning. I cannot believe that at one time I though Yukinojo's were plain and uninteresting. Goes to show. He's made it onto my want list for sure. However I think he's at least half a year away from a real search and homecoming.

They are quiet guys, it's true--the first Kanbei was so quiet that I thought I wouldn't miss him. Was I ever wrong!

I hope you have as much amazing luck as I did, when you get ready for your real search--

Fabuloso. I love Yukinoujo - one of my favorite sculpts, ever. Congrats!

Awwwwww, thank you!! I'm quite a sight over here, dancing a jig and a reel and a fling for joy.

It's like they have split personalities now......Julian has that sweater, made by you, in the same pattern, but in blues/grays (a friend gave it to me for him).

Did that sweater make its way to you? Kewl! So take a picture of Julian wearing it, already! ;-)

Yup, I just couldn't get used to not having the Big Guy around--but I didn't figure one would ever float over within snatching distance. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call a couple of weeks ago . . .

(Deleted comment)
WOW, when you said he was coming home, I did not realize it would be within days. They could easily all be called Kismet. What is meant to be , will be no matter what we do to do otherwise. You need a little tripod thingy with a remote clicker.

I still can't get over Kismet. I feel like she needs a professional photo session (ya right about the professional part).

I went out and got more fabric for more stuff. Unfortunately, I thing the Riley is here for the duration and has she been into a mood. A live wire. full moon weird wolf almost four year old. She wore Papa and Grammie out yesterday. She's a little calmer today, maybe she wore herself out too. whispering here... Talk to you soon.

I didn't think he'd come so soon, either! Yesterday was some day--stomach bug + arrival of Big Box = strangeness.

And I have to get used to dragging the tripod around with me again when I'm using the compact camera. I was good about that when I did a lot of Tonner photography, because, you know, the slightest vibration and a Tonner picture is completely spoiled. But then I got out of the habit, *sigh*.

I think Kismet deserves all kinds of professional photo sessions! I'm so happy that you love her--I think that body looks amazing with the Um.Pyo head. (Shin-san is putting up pictures of his Thaasa II body--it's a little curvier, a little more womanly. My Shinydoll girls are fine with their original Thaasa bodies, but it's a good option to have in mind for the future . . . )

The full moon really does it to all of us! This is the first full moon when Toshi hasn't been totally wild and obnoxious, though I do have a few more holes in the couch than I did on Thursday. ;-)

I am SO so so so lucky. Can't believe it! *still shaking my head*

What a wonderful homecoming!
I am very happy that you were able to have him return. There really is something about Yukinojo that gets under your skin

This whole thing has been so flukey--my British Novel class has been talking a lot about coincidence, and I think the students who believe coincidences NEVER HAPPEN ought to hear my Yukinojo story. Heh.

Wow, is he ever dishy! Love his expression in that shot. And his sweater is fabulous. Yours, I assume?

I have my quarrels with the SD16 body, but oh, how I have missed that gorgeous gentlemanly face! *admiring him some more*

And yup, that's a sweater I knitted for tubbysnuggles's Oliver, when she had him; it's not a great fit for the Big Guy, but it will do to be going on with. I wish I had time to knit, jeez--my fingers are itching, but they have to grade papers instead. At least we're more than halfway through the semester now . . . summer is coming!

HEY! He's back! So glad you got him back too. Congrats!

Ooooo, thank you!! I just adore him--resin things are falling into place at a really amazing rate, these days. :-)

Oh, YAY!!! So glad he's back home with you!

-- A :D

SQUEEEEE!!!! *happydance, happydance*

And all is right with the world. *sighs happily*

Ain't it the truth? My house may be disintegrating, my dog may be chewing up the couch, but Kanbei is home and that means all is pretty darn swell. :-)