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Reprising my favorite. Easter. Photostory. EVER.

(Insincere apologies to those of you who suffered through this one the first time around, back in '06.)

In celebration of The Return of Kanbei, rewind with me to one of his more memorable adventures:

This is the only worthwhile portion of today's entry.

This is the samurai.

The samurai finds a mysterious sword in the inn where he's staying.

Whose sword could it be?

Oh, surely not.

But as improbable as it may seem . . .

"Unhand sword mine, elaboration dressing Super Dollar Fi!"*

(*translation from Rabbit to Japanese provided by babelfish.)

We will now draw a discreet curtain over the ensuing throwdown. My money's on the Easter Bunny, though.

Hope everyone's having a beautiful weekend, with or without chocolate!
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