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Happy ending to a rant!
Uhyeah. Remember the seller who kept changing the terms and the price on me?

Julian of Norwich had a point: All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

Peeps, say hello to Trouble.

Trouble is, as best I can tell, a Lucas 1st who has been pampered and protected from sunlight his whole resin life. No discoloration, no chips, no scratches, no stains. I could wish that his previous owners hadn't multiple-pierced his ears, but such is life. I need to replace his eyelashes and tighten his stringing just a tad, but otherwise, he's fresh as a daisy.

Cast in 2002.

Banzai, Volks.

(Apologies for the phenomenally awful picture--all God's chillun's having a bad hair day, and the flash + incandescent light don't help one bit. I just couldn't wait to post.)
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Cassiel has some photos here of the original if you want to check it out~


I remember when I first saw the Lucas and Chris first versions ... I thought they were SO ugly and that no one would buy them because they were so expensive! XD

Oy, that's right--the Lucas Eyebrows of Doom!

That Lucas 1st outfit is adorable; trying to track one down will keep me happily occupied for quite a while.

It's so funny, isn't it, the way our eyes change over time? I thought the same thing as you did when I first saw Lucas and Chris (or "Clith," as Babelfish rendered it sometimes when I started looking at Y!J). I've really only been bitten by the Lucas bug in the past several months, as I worked through my hyper-realistic BJD phase and circled back to the classics. I could say it's destiny, though, since Lucas 1st was released the day after my birthday . . .

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