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Out of commission for a while . . .
My laptop went black on Friday evening. It was working fine when I took Toshi out for a walk, but when I came back . . . kaput. Thanks to the nature of Mondays this semester, I can't even take it to the computer-repair place until tomorrow.

Tiresome, tiresome, tiresome. Not earthshakingly horrible, but tiresome. (Though we may cross over into "earthshakingly horrible" territory if it turns out I lost all my pictures from the November trip to Japan. Lalalala, not thinking about that right now, nope.)

So, yeah. It's 7 p.m. and I'm still at the office, and this is not my idea of a reasonable hour to be heading home. *grrrr*

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oh noes, i am so sorry you lost your pictures! I lost a ton of precious things when my computer crashed last year. I try to do backups but i keep forgetting...ack...
I hope it can be fixed...

R's computer's dead right now and he's hoping I'll be able to resurrect it, even briefly, so he can retrieve his 8 years' worth of porn.

See? Could be worse!


oh NOES.......... pictures....**oh no**

i hope you're up soon! wai! get that %^$* fixed! you must be at my constant beck and call, yanno.

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