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That doll meme

Via batchix, keiki_boys, blukat, et al:

This includes home & future dolls.

Pen, CH Gene
Claudine, CH Sia
Simon Elias, CH Jupiter
Lyon, Haute Hound
Etienne, 60cm Narin
Shunshou, Unoa B-El
Sejong, DollTi D
Kanbei, Volks SD16
On the way: Feral Boy, hybrid of artist head/Volks SD13 boy body


1. Is the pretty one? Etienne

2. Is the cute one? Claudine! Just ask her! Though there are several votes for Simon Elias around here, too.

3. Makes you feel the most sentimental? Pen, because he was My First. Tied with Lyon, because of why/when/how I bought him.

4. Would you least like to meet in a dark alley? Oh, guess. Sejong, of course, particularly when he's equipped with (a) that big sword, or (b) the Psycho Clutchy Hands.

5. Has the personality you feel the deepest affinity with? But they're all pieces of me! This is impossible. I'll say Pen and Claudine, because, as my first two BJDs, they got the most clearly-defined parts of me.

6. Is the worst schemer? Oh, yeah, Claudine again, in a landslide.

7. Daydreams the most? Pen, I think.

8. Is the most spoiled? Aaarrrgggh, Miss Princess Claudine. People sew for her. People squee over her. And she thinks she deserves it all.

9. Causes the most trouble? Um, do we have a pattern here? That would be Claudine again . . .

10. …Always gets forgiven for everything? Well, see, Simon Elias doesn't DO anything to be forgiven for . . . neither do Pen or Lyon . . . Etienne is too busy posing for pictures . . . Sejong and Kanbei are far too wrapped up in their heroicness to want forgiveness . . . and Shunshou thinks he's a regional deity, so forgiveness doesn't apply. It's Claudine.

11. Is the most vain and self-centered? Shunshou! He even beats Claudine!

12. Is the most fickle? Um, er, Claudine.

13. Tries to boss the others around? Claudine.

14. Has the most bad habits? Gotta say Shunshou for this one: he's lecherous, an exhibitionist, overbearing, addicted to fast food, and completely indifferent to the concept of personal property.

15. Lacks a conscience, or tries to pretend so? Ooooyeah, Shunshou.

16. Has a hidden [or obvious!] shy side? Kanbei, believe it or not. All those muscles, but . . . he's really shy. Pen is *reserved,* but that's a different thing.

17. Is the most sensitive? Etienne. He's a classic weepy uke, which has surprised me plenty because I don't like classic weepy ukes.

18. Is the least sensitive? Shunshou, with Claudine a close second. Claudine is *capable* of being sensitive for about 30 seconds at a time. Shunshou . . . not so much.

19. Has a sharp tongue? Pen.

20. Is the most critical of themself? The more I think about this, the more I think it's probably Kanbei.

21. ... And/or everyone else? Pen. Sejong. Very little to choose between them.

22. Seems to look good in just about anything? Etienne.

23. Is the most intellectual? Pen, absolutely and completely.

24. The least? You'd think it would be Claudine, but . . . Etienne doesn't seem to have two brain cells to rub together. It's a good thing he's so pretty and sweet-natured.

25. Has the most emotional/mental problems? That's going to be Feral Boy, when he gets here.

25. The least? Claudine. She's the best-adjusted creature I know.

26. Watches the most TV? Hmmmm . . . well, when I come home from work I DO find the TV turned to soap operas, but I have no idea who's responsible. *Looking suspiciously around the group.*

27. Has secret geeky passions/knowledge? Pen's are no secret, so that doesn't count . . . you know, I think it's possible that Etienne might have some weird deep pocket of geeky obsession, only I don't know what it is yet.

28. Likes junk food… And maybe starting food fights? Shunshou.

29. Most extroverted? Shunshou and Claudine. Oh, my, Claudine.

30. Most introverted? Kanbei, I think. He doesn't talk at ALL.

31. Most charming? Lyon, followed closely by Claudine, who can pour on the charm when she wants to. This would explain why the two of them are unlikely buddies.

32. Most affectionate? Etienne. He's a snugglebunny. This is frequently misinterpreted . . .

33. The angriest? Well, you'd think it would be Sejong, but that isn't really anger, is it? Righteous indignation, that's what it is. I suspect this category will belong to Feral Boy.

34. The cynic? I think it's Lyon, though he can't be bothered to air his cynicism.

35. The one with the best-hidden sneaky side? Sejong. He seems so straightforward, but he likes ambush tactics.

36. …Even a bit of a split personality? Nah, don't see that around here.

37. Throws tantrums? Shunshou, I suppose.

38. Flirts the most? Etienne and Claudine, tie.

39. Spends the most time alone? Simon Elias, just because he doesn't get out of his box all that much. I feel soooooo guilty.

40. Is the most sociable? Claudine, Miss Social Director 2006.

That was fun! And clearly I need to take more pictures of Claudine and Shunshou, not to mention poor box-bound Simon.
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