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Random Japanese tidbit for the day
Gacked from a Saiyuki-fannish LJ that I read sometimes . . .

In Japanese, "bon bon" is slang for a naive, sheltered rich boy.

BTW, I will indeed have to ship my laptop to the manufacturer. I don't even have time this week to sit on the phone waiting for a shipping authorization number. YARGH.

Catching up: fairemma, your package came SQUEE!, and Toshi will get his present just as soon as he finishes the chew bone he's currently pushing around with his nose. (I think he didn't like the hickory flavor I bought as an experiment, which makes two of us who aren't BBQ fans.) I've tried one of the packets, and liked it, but still wish the Excelsior Caffe offered a teleportation service.

celticgeekess, I did find that Little Wonder set, and it is black! Black/silver/cream brocade kimono with pattern of dragons and moons; peachy-gold/cream obi; solid black hakama. But I think it was made for regular-leg SD13 boys instead of long-leg, because it's the right length on the Lucas but too short on 'touto-chan. Since I can't upload pictures at the moment, LMK if you want to take a look at it--no problem sending it to you on approval.

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LOL about bon bon.

I'll email you about the kimono set, sounds great!

Ermm, hotmail or cableone addy?

Either one--right now, it's an equal PITA to check any email addy. ;-)

I am calling Ichi my bon bon from now on. 8D

Hee! I thought you just might have a use for that . . .

ummmm, bon bons are tasty in any language

lol, that sounded pretty bad of me *blushes*

that kimono set sounds gorgeous. I love Little Wonder outfits.

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