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Okay. This is downright scary.
Snitched from tubbysnuggles.

Far, FAR, farfarfar too close for comfort. Except for the guff about "constantly attracting people with your charm," of course. ;-)

- May 4 -
You love literature and the arts and dreaming and traveling. You love attention and are constantly attracting people with your charm. People find you very stimulating intellectually. QuizGalaxy.com
Positive Traits:
organized, perceptive, disciplined, balanced, just
Negative Traits:
obsessive, compulsive, tyrannical, demanding, non-communicative

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at QuizGalaxy.com

ETA: I just ran this for a few of my friends, plus my mom & dad . . . both of the personality reads for the April birthdays were laughably wrong, but the June and July ones were eerily on target, and the November one was about 50/50. Interrrrrrrrresting.

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And here I thought that you were going to make commentary about the 'God complex' thread in Dolly Debate. >.>

/goes to take this birthdate test thing now.


This sounds like yet another Dolly Debate thread my doctor would tell me to stay away from, since my BP meds are sort of borderline effective right now . . .

Oh, I do agree. The OP wanted to know how many people felt they had a 'God complex' and if they played Sims and Black & White (whatever that is) to make themselves feel like a God.

to which, I mentally reply: Uh... riiiiight.

But yes, stay away. Play with pretty dollies. Share photos.

I caaaaaaaannnnnnnn't share photos until my laptop comes back from HP. !@#*$&@!(! But at least the official packing materials are on the way--this is progress.

Why is my pretty hobby being overrun by fools and weeaboos?


But I want photos!!!!!!

I dunno. We should build our own little corner of the world and play happily there.

i would move to said corner of the world. oh yeah.

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