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Okay. This is downright scary.

Snitched from tubbysnuggles.

Far, FAR, farfarfar too close for comfort. Except for the guff about "constantly attracting people with your charm," of course. ;-)

- May 4 -
You love literature and the arts and dreaming and traveling. You love attention and are constantly attracting people with your charm. People find you very stimulating intellectually.
Positive Traits:
organized, perceptive, disciplined, balanced, just
Negative Traits:
obsessive, compulsive, tyrannical, demanding, non-communicative

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

ETA: I just ran this for a few of my friends, plus my mom & dad . . . both of the personality reads for the April birthdays were laughably wrong, but the June and July ones were eerily on target, and the November one was about 50/50. Interrrrrrrrresting.
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