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STILL no laptop.


Some bits of randomness:

Last week my Japanese conversation friend, Kazunori, helped me write a haiku. Well, okay: I provided the image and Kazunori wrote the haiku. But still.

haru no yoake
kaori maichidi
inu ga ou

Before the spring dawn
Sweet scent passes on the wind
My dog follows it

(I was walking Toshi at 6 a.m. on May Day when he caught the scent of my crabapple tree, just reaching full bloom. I lifted him up to sniff.

He ate some of the blossoms.

Such is Life with Dog.) I can't imagine actually using this--Neechan isn't likely to swan around in it, and it would be too short for Mally Lee--but isn't it gorgeous? I'm liking this seller, the Fates of Kerberos, quite a lot. (This outfit is an early one from FofK:

Must go to a reception for our student essay-award winners now. All I really want is a nap . . .
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