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Ahhhhhhhhh . . . computered up again!

I should be dressing right now for an awards banquet, but . . . I am a creature of sloth, and I can feel myself giving in to the temptation to stay home and come up with some excuse after the fact.

Besides, my laptop magically arrived today from HP (and they did NOT wipe the hard drive, yaaaaaay!), so don't you think I need to stay home and make it feel welcome?

And so the catching-up begins.

Introducing Okaru, an SD10 Megu on a suwarikko body, faceup by Mingyi:

She is a thousand times prettier than this picture--I was in too much of a hurry to fuss until I got a really good one. But you'll see her again, never fear!

And introducing Ine-chan, a.k.a. The Last Tiny Experiment. Ine (it means "rice plant") is a Yo-SD Tanpopo. She's adorable. No, I'm still not sure whether I'm a Tiny person.

You know that DoA thread asking for pictures of your pets making friends with your BJDs? For some of our pets, friendship is not an option.

I was trying to catch Toshi's bared teeth in this picture, but I guess the flying ears and crazed eyes get the message across well enough. *sigh*

For those of you who inquired, why, yes, there are indeed sweaters in progress! :-)
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