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Snatching a minute online, until the buzzing starts again

Two things:

If anyone is desperately longing for a Saiki head (see userpic), I just heard about a blank one that's going to be for sale on DoA soon. The twins would be pleased if their neglected and bodiless sibling found a good home. Should you need any incentive, Neechan is fingering her tanto in a meditative sort of way.

And, while the following head/body combo doesn't work (it's not that bad in pictures, but in person the head is way too big for the Thaasa long-necked body), I'd like the flist's thoughts on the head as a girl.

This is the Vividlabo Hyun head from Y!J, by the way; I think it was intended to be a boy, but I have to say I'm not really convinced. At a guess, the best match would be a CP girl body from one of the peachy-resin phases. The question is, do I really want to make this a project, or should I just sell the head and call it an interesting experiment?

Back to the last of the final exam grading!
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