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Snatching a minute online, until the buzzing starts again
Two things:

If anyone is desperately longing for a Saiki head (see userpic), I just heard about a blank one that's going to be for sale on DoA soon. The twins would be pleased if their neglected and bodiless sibling found a good home. Should you need any incentive, Neechan is fingering her tanto in a meditative sort of way.

And, while the following head/body combo doesn't work (it's not that bad in pictures, but in person the head is way too big for the Thaasa long-necked body), I'd like the flist's thoughts on the head as a girl.

This is the Vividlabo Hyun head from Y!J, by the way; I think it was intended to be a boy, but I have to say I'm not really convinced. At a guess, the best match would be a CP girl body from one of the peachy-resin phases. The question is, do I really want to make this a project, or should I just sell the head and call it an interesting experiment?

Back to the last of the final exam grading!
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Hm... I say sell the head and call it an experiment, myself. It is getting expensive and difficult to find the right shade of CP and lord knows what you'll get, and, that head will NOT look right on lishe's giant boobs so you'd want the girl body, which is much harder to find. Plus, I think you have more beautiful girls at home (dare I say it, but... you did ask for opinions lol!) to play with instead. She looks like she's 6, at that age when you REALLY sometimes can't tell if a kid is a girl or a boy. just my two cents...

HEY did you see your shrug? go look in my lj!

such a bummer about your computer not being fixed. PEWP!!!

Yeah, I think this one needs to find a different home. It certainly doesn't look the way I expected from the Y!J auction pics--though, as I say that, I can't really define what doesn't match. Feh.

And yes, I most definitely have more beautiful girls, plus Kikuno the ShinyDoll Akali is perfectly happy to skew young when I want her to. To the sales thread goes Hyun, yup.

I am dreadfully tempted by the Saiki head, damn. Any clue how many fortunes they would want?

I think the head does make a very sweet, young girl, but since I am having so many head-match problems here, I'd hate to have anyone else stuck in my boat. I agree with Sher that matching the color, and dealing with humongous melon boobs doesn't sound like a good time to me.

Yeah, humongous melon boobs would be SO wrong for this head. I think it needs a chance to find someone who will love it madly--here's hoping, anyway!

Aaaaaaand I don't know, but the seller PMmed me to ask what the original price was on the Saiki heads, so maybe she won't expect a huge markup? FWIW, I paid 11,500 yen plus fees & shipping for each one, so they certainly weren't outrageous at the time.

Can you ask them to email me?

(Deleted comment)
A DT body sounds like a great idea, if any of the DT resin colors would match this head. GAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I don't think I have the mental energy to do battle with resin matching, I really don't. ;-)

Dang it, he IS sweet. I can't say he isn't. I just wish he worked better on one of the bodies I have sitting around here, instead of demanding a CP one! :

Frakendollying can be risky. I think the body is a little delicate and older than the head. CP is so iffy, I would understand if you gave up.

Right now, I have the head on the SD10 Ushiwakamaru body, and . . . well, actually, under the blushing, it isn't such a bad resin match. This flash picture makes the match look worse than it does in person--not least because the faceup is so heavily blushed with that peachy-pink color.

The unfun part about selling it is the inevitable questions about resin match. *sigh*

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